34 : Late

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Fighting off my attraction to Gracie ended a long time ago, I also accepted the fact that I like her. Like a lot.

Which is why when she said that we could fool around with each other because she was also tired of fighting the attraction between us I immediately dragged her out of the bar and back to our house.

"Your looking quite eager" Gracie says half laughing while she takes her shoes off after we arrived back at home.

"I have been waiting for this for so long" I wrap my arms around her waist and tilt her head up so she is looking at me.

"Can I?" I ask, she looks up at me and her wide eyes peer up at me with an innocent expression as she slowly nods.

I waste no time as I lower my lips to hers connecting them, I kiss her gently not wanting to overstep her boundaries but that doesn't last long because she takes control as she moves us towards the couch straddling my lap and kissing me faster.

"We can go at your pace Gracie" I say in between kisses,

"As much as I appreciate you for that Logan, I really want you to touch me" she says looking at me, I let out a husky laugh before picking her up and taking her to my bed.


The light from my curtains brings back my consciousness but unlike most mornings where I feel cold, this morning I feel warm. I tug the feeling closer to me not wanting to let go of it,

"Wessie" a light sleepy voice says from next to me, I open my eyes and look down at a messy haired Gracie.

Her hair is sprawled around my pillow, her eyes are still closed but she holds onto my arms that are around her waist, I tug her closer to me and her smell - vanilla and rose - consumes me.

"Logan" Gracie says struggling to move within my grasp, I hum in her hair.

"Logan, what time is it"

I sleepily turn my head towards my alarm clock on my bedside table,

"8:52" I respond trying to go back to sleep, Gracie shoots up and out of my hold causing me to sit up straight.

"God Gracie are you okay?!" I ask frantic

"Logan you have flipping practice at nine!" She shouts at me as she tries to find and collect her clothes from the floor in my bedroom.

I sit back grinning at her perfect naked body run around my room, she turns to look at me with a scowl on her face as she throws on one of my shirts which gets my dick to wake up because she looks so sexy.

"What! Why are you so calm" she shouts at me

"You look so pretty baby" I say smiling at her to which she throws a pillow at me. I do have practice in seven minutes and as the captain I am meant to show up on time for every practice, I don't know why I am not freaking out either  because I am literally late to practice because of a girl which also means I am going to get into deep shit with coach but it was worth the extra few minutes with Gracie.

"Logan I made you late for practice, I'm so sorry-"

"Baby-" I start trying to calm her down

"Oh my god this is your career I am ruining-"  


"Last night was a mistake it should have never happened, I'm so sorry-" Gracie continues frantically, I get up from my bed and stalk towards her cupping her face in my hands.

"Gracie." I say firmly, she looks up at me her eyes clouded with unease.
"We are not going down that path again, it wasn't a mistake and you didn't ruin my career. I won't be late to practice again it's not your fault. Do you regret it?" I ask her, she slowly shakes her head giving me her answer.

"That's what I thought." I say

"But what about JJ, if he finds out-" Gracie says nervously

"That I ate you out on my bed while you were screaming my name" I finish for her with a proud grin on my face,

"I could ruin your friendship, your team dynamic would be ruined because of something I did." It breaks my heart to think that this is what Gracie is thinking, I wrap my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me.

"Gracie that's not on you, I chose this, I want this. Don't overthink it." I say, she hesitantly nods her head at me and I know that she is till going to overthink it.

"I've got to get to practice now, I will see you later?"

"Im going out with my friend so maybe" she says, I place a kiss on the crown of her head and then leave to get changed.


"WEST!" I hear as soon as I make my way out of the locker room, "fuck" I mutter under my breath. Just because I don't regret that I slept in a bit with Gracie doesn't mean that I am not scared of what's going to happen to me.

I skate onto the ice, coach is in the middle glaring at me. The team stops there drills to watch this unfold and I'm sure it's very entertaining for them because I have never been late to training before.

"Your late." Coach says as I skate to a stop in front of him.

"Yes. Im sorry coach, it won't happen again."

"Why?" He demands

"My alarm clock was broken" I lie, I hear a few snickers from the other guys and I internally roll my eyes.

"It better not happen again, we have finals coming up. Laps and then start with the drills." Coach orders.

I make my way to the pucks after I complete my laps, JJ and one of our sophomore are already standing by them talking.

"Get your asses to work" I order

"Captain, what's the real reason you were late?" The sophomore says, I think his name is brad wait maybe it's chad.

"Shut it and get to work" I say

"It was a puck bunny wasn't it" Joey says skating up to us, I have to resist every urge inside of me which is telling me to punch Joey and rip his blonde curls out for calling Gracie a puck bunny.

"Shut up dicks, get back to practice else you all are doing laps for the next week" I threaten them which makes two of them run off, JJ stands there smiling at me.

"What." I grit out

"You must really like her" he says shrugging and then skating off.

I do really like her.

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