Chapter 5 - Shopping

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When the straight guy who actually has a legitimate opinion and take on things, he gets to go shopping with a girl's vouch. Just how it works.



Just a heads up guys, I have gone shopping with women for many years. I have picked up on a bunch of tips. Comment away if there is any questions. I'm all ears. If it can help a guy on a date I am more than happy to help.

Marin got off the phone with a giggle. She was excited about the day. A chance to go shopping with friends and introduce her new friend and photographer to two of her friends in class. 

"Daia and Rune are coming with. You might have seen them around." Marin said to (F/N).

"Do they know the deal yet, or how does that work?" He asked.

"Let's leave when you're ready and you make the intro. I think they are going to think you're cool and don't worry they are nothing to be afraid of."

"Well that's good. So, where we heading? You're not having me go bra shopping right?" That was a serious question. He tried not to blush and disguised it well. 

"Just after school and off day outfits. Coming with?" She asked.

"That I can do. And just to have you know, there might be some that we bump into that may or may not know my mother. Just a thought. We have kind of been through this through the city a few times." He chuckled.

"Really, I always wonder how people have tastes, talents, and those sorts. You're something."

He winked her. "Just the photo guy in the fabric shop."

"Good cover. Let's head out." Marin rolled her eyes with a smile.

The two of them walked to a shopping plaza that was two blocks over. Right there her two friends were waiting. Surprised to see that the person along side her was a straight guy. She was talking about outfits and modeling and this was him? In their minds they were going to have to see. They heard so many details about 'the fabric shop guy' as they named him. 

When the two finally met them for shopping, they were happy to see the both of them. Marin always has a crazy schedule for personal and her cosplaying, then (F/N)'s schedule was about to be more and more stacked as time went on. Although when three girls go shopping, it isn't often they have a non-biased opinion that had trained input. 

"Oh hey. Who's the guy Marin?" Rune asked.

"I'm (F/N). I'm her photographer. My family owns a fabric shop and we shoot photos in there all the time. There's even a club there too. Marin thought I'd help the three of you."

"You're qualified." Smiled Daia. "So are you-" It's an honest question for a guy into fashion. 

"I'm a straight guy. Marin asked for straight guy opinions. It is what it is. I know what looks good and bad because my mother, aunt, cousins, and customers all throughout the years taught me so much. I caught on over time. Colors, patterns, and every girl is different with taste." (F/N) smiled.

"Like what?" Asked Rune.

"Yellow and blondes may not work for all. Strong reds and blues don't work on red and orange hair. That sort." He replied.

"Marin how much are you paying him?" Asked Daia.

"She paid for the photos and this one's on the house. So keep it out of the risqué category and let's keep it moving." He winked at her.

"You make me feel like in good hands." Daia smiled. "Let's head out. We got a few stops."

"Shall we? Lead the way." He nodded at the girls.

The three girls looked around a women's department store called Vera's. Everything from dresses, trends, comfort, underwear, and sleepwear. This wasn't the first time that (F/N) has been in a woman's department store. Call it unmanly or not, it's what made him a maker of his craft. Then describing how a woman to pose without touching to prevent any conflict of any kind. Although this was the first time he was out and about in a store with people he barely knew.

"We should we start? I need leggings?" Said Marin.

"You don't need to try them on right? Because that's the easy part." Replied (F/N).

"That's true. So I need bra colors, skirts outside of school, and I need to replace my blouse." Said Marin looking around the store wondering where to start.

"I have a gathering and need a dress. Not sure when to start." Daia looked around.

"Okay. Dress. Not easy. But do you at least have a color palate? That is half of the battle." (F/N) wanted to get a plan together. Wondering if the girls would take his advice.

"I want a blue or a black."


"You're good." Marin smirked.

"It's why I'm here." He smiled back. 

"So how do you figure it out? When a guy like you sees a dress, what do you see?" Marin wanted to go more into why her photographer connection had such an eye.

"It's a two way street. She the woman has to like the dress. Then the dress has to compliment the woman. Sometimes there are certain edges that don't flatter her or perhaps small details don't suit her. I've seen women with small and big busts that have non-flattering sweetheart lines."

"Really? Of all places?" Pondered Daia.

"Thin woman, large bust, sweetheart was directly centered and it looked more like a lingerie dress that did not suit her personality. It was onto the next dress. Even if you sewed and altered half of the height, it still would not look right on her. If that is the case, why save the dress? The woman is perfect and the dress is not. Onto the next."

The three girls gasped and just stood there. Dumbfounded on what they were hearing. They have had other women shopping with them. Including family members. Even they were not as descriptive. (F/N) was that good. This is the man a woman brings to pick out a wedding dress. A rare feature in a man. Not only in fine details, but the ability to speak his mind with confidence and charisma to soothe and convince the woman of what she wanted and needed to hear. 

"You know how to pick'em Marin." Rune smiled.

Why is this so hot? He's a cute guy that is like a fashion super hero. There isn't so much mystery to him but you never what is coming next. It's this weird phenomenon and I am all here for it.


It takes time and experience, but with the right wording, confidence, and experience someone as a man could really help a woman shopping. And yes, it's hard. Trust me... I know.


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