Chapter 3 - Duel

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So Greed_Mammon commented a suggestion and I am absolutely running with it. You will find out. I love these cosplays. And actually, I couldn't believe who her father really is. I know, don't rub it in.



A week went by as (F/N) was doing some homework one night. Dinner just finished up and he heard a ping. Better answer it. You never know who is going to be on the other end. Could be a client. In this case, his first regular client.  Marin was hitting him up. 

Hey (F/N). I got some gloves for my new cosplay in store. And someone from the Otaku Club let me rent some cards and his disk. Gojo is working on the uniform. Do you or your mother know a wig store to speed up the process?

"You came to the right guy to ask." He smiled.

I sure do. Mao's Hair and Needs. 313 Railroad. Hairdresser and wig shop. Cut, dye, wig, and style. She and her staff will find you a wig, style it on you, and make sure that stays golden. Some older cosplayers can help you too. No one famous, but they're great. Who do we got?

Alexis Rhodes.

No kidding. Say when. Battle City and the academy backdrops?

Please!? That would be amazing. I hope in a few days.


He soft-booked the appointment into his schedule. It wasn't firm. But if there was a delay or a cancelation it was more time to game, catch up on a show, and clean for a little at the very least. Maybe even head out to a meal since its been a while. (F/N) was just happy to have a regular client. Social media platforms were rising and he felt like he was achieving a little bit. Not a whole lot, although the fact that he had a client reach out within two weeks meant everything to him. 


It was the day of the shoot scheduled. As he got dressed on a Sunday, he received a call from Marin. 


< Hey (F/N). You're awake, right? >

"I'm up. What's up?"

< Still good? It will just be me. I have everything. I just need to get changed and that's it. >

"Sounds good. You need anything else?"

< Aside getting ready? I don't think so. Then afterwards we grab a late lunch? I wanted to hit a ramen house. What do you think? >

"I currently won't decline."

< Thank you! See you then. > She hung up.

Even if I have to pay for my bowls, I was planning on getting some air and being social. This is great. Marin seems to just speak my language. It's great. Can't wait for her to get here.

As he heard the news, he went downstairs to set up the photoshoot in advance to see that everything was perfect. Tri-pod setup was easy. Then it was getting his backdrop to what he wanted and setting the lights up. Putting the stands together could be a little time consuming. 

"So little cousin," Tomika is cousin that worked in the fabric store was giving him a hand. "Who is that blonde that was getting photos done? Hm?"

"Marin. She's a classmate." He replied.

"And she's a cosplayer? That right?" She asked again.

"Yeah. And she seems to love doing this. This is really her thing. Can't say I mind. It's building my resume for future works so I don't mind it at all." (F/N) stood up one light and went to another box to assemble another one.

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