Chapter - Ramen House

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As a courtesy and a nice sit-down to talk business, Marin got changed and checked her home for time. Smiling at a hard days work and putting her backpack on to be ready to take leave. 

"One of my favorite stands is by here. Sound good?" She asked.

"Yeah. It's good. Love it there." (F/N) nodded. "Nothing like a good bowl. Enjoy."

"You're coming with me, right?" Marin was confused.


"I said afterwards we would head to the ramen house. Let's go before the dinner rush comes."

(F/N) just put his camera back in the case. His mind just clicked. He sure remembered now. "Oh right. One sec." Going to gather everything and put it all away in one swoop before he grabbed his phone and wallet. "Ready."

Marin smiled. "Sweet. Like that sweet and sour pork. A bowl is calling my name."

"You said it." (F/N) smiled and followed her out of the fabric shop. 

Tomika his cousin grinned. Seeing the two of them leave she was on the fence about their relationship. She's hot with a nice rack and has this cute side. He have any idea on what he's getting his hands into? I don't even know. But we'll be seeing her soon most likely. (F/N) is immune to the hot ass around the shop all of these years maybe. I mean, if he never hit on one of my friends then maybe he's just immune. That's all I can think of.

When the two of them finally sat down at stools, they placed their orders of ramen with sweet and sour pork and a few eggs. This was finally a time where the two of them could sit down with no stress, time pinch, or distraction. Much was to be said. 

"You get a lot of pretty girls in the fabric shop, don't you?" Marin began after she put her bag down.

(F/N) wasn't sure what she meant. He put his bag down and turned towards her. "It's a popular shop and I think every woman is beautiful. Some showcase more but all of us are. That's what I was taught."

"Seriously?" Marin smiled. "You're so humble."

"It would be kinda weird if a camera guy was to ever flip out." He chuckled. "You know like he's shaking and screaming oh my God it's her! That's not right."

Marin was laughing. "You got me there. And thank you once again."

"Sure thing Marin. Happy to make you my first and best customer and client." (F/N) smiled and sipped on a glass of water. "So, what's next?"

"What isn't next is more of the question." She giggled. "So many characters. So many girls. So many ideas."

"Marin right now you're the only one who has gave me any work so far. It's been going for weeks and it's only been you outside the photo booth rate at the shop. Right now I would go by if you have the materials and if you don't, what would be the easiest to make. Even if you get a few cosplays lined up to do a few at a time during one day then we can do that too."

"That's a great idea!" Marin was bouncing in her seat. "I need like a journal."

"Taking notes can be satisfying, right?" He winked at her.

"Order up." The chef turned around and served two bowls. "Please enjoy."

"Please bless this food."

Time to break open the chopsticks and enjoy some fresh noods. After the first bite it was back to creativity. Seeing if these two could really be a team at this point. With Marin's cosplay profile picking up many likes, it was a thought of pushing it up to the next level. 

"Great choice. So, anything simple? And outside the signed pic for the disk for this cosplay, how simple would be the others? You can always model them again too. Just pick out what you like. The ideas are yours and never have any pressure." (F/N) was easy to work with. As his family taught him, if the girl/woman is uncomfortable, no one is. 'It's just how it works' as his mother, aunt, and cousin would say.

"There's some things I've bought before. Some need an hour or two for makeup." Marin began her thoughts.

"I can arrange the pop-up setup." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Pop-up? Pop-up what?" She pondered.

"There is this collapsible booth that we set up once in a while. Sometimes they use makeup on the hips and torso and it's kind of like a changing tent at the beach."

"So I can sit in a tent and do makeup for an hour?"


"You got everything set up beyond what anyone else will do." Gasped Marin.

"We care about people. We have pride and it's why everyone comes back. Just that simple."

Marin took the first bite of her pork slice. "Mmm. So, you always give everyone this treatment?"

"I haven't been able to call the shots. Now that I have the photography, I get to take charge of that and then argue over scheduling with the others."

"If I see other cosplayers needing help, they are going right to you. You deserve it." She winked.

"Happy clients. It makes me feel warm."

"Now if someone says that with a fresh bowl in front of him, it has to be a good feeling. That said, I'm so happy to be the first client."

"I got to thank you too Marin. You've been very kind to me. My cousin has had some difficult customers." He rolled his eyes.

"How difficult?" Marin was disturbed by this remark.

"Cut the fabric and be told too dark or light. Select thread and it's not right. There are challenges when people don't know what they want. It makes it hard for everyone. Including those who need to make the next step. You don't know the fabric and that can take hours. Unsure about design and another standstill." He replied.

"Wow. You got to come shopping with me and the girls sometime. You'd be great."

"I can try. Hope no one gets offended." He chuckled.

"Offended?" Gasped Marin.

"Come on Marin. Some red heads can't wear a blood red or royal blue. Some sizes and patterns are not flattering and I've seen too many pieces of jewelry that don't suit a woman."

Marin smiled in surprise. A straight guy in fashion and photography. Many girls would strike gold. She blushed. "You're perfect."


"I'm calling the girls. You have time?"

"I got an hour or two. What's up?" He watched her grab her phone.

"Oh nothing. Just uh, someone who needs an opinion too. That's all." She dialed away as he tool another munch.

Marin was on the phone with a friend. Maybe it was that cute one she was in school with all the time. Even so, my business was key. Shopping though, this one was off the books. He wasn't going decline a little healthy socializing outside of work and school though.


Guys, get good at shopping or have an idea. It helps so ever much.


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