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Lovely | Villain Waifu Deku x Wife Reader by MidnightStars7
Lovely | Villain Waifu Deku x Wife...by B
"My cute little wife can't harm a fly he's to cute and innocent!" "Being Quirkless doesn't make someone weak shame on you meanies!" - - - {Y/N} {L/N}...
The Day The Invaders Came (Urusei Yatsura x Male Reader) by AlanBall22
The Day The Invaders Came (Urusei...by AlanBall22
People were always confused when you said that you were friends with Ataru Moroboshi. He was well known for being a horny, perverted boy whereas you were such a polite c...
(otome game sekai wa mob) Climbing To The Top In This Dumb World. by dipper06
(otome game sekai wa mob) Climbing...by #*#* zingerguy
Male reader story where the main character is an amateur boxer that gets sent to another world after his death. Not just any world a world that is based on the otome gam...
Waifu Husband by Codegeass2023
Waifu Husbandby Codegeass2023
Y/n L/n a guy who just wanted to experience love tried to go on a few dates with women but they fail because they aren't interested in him not letting him have the chanc...
Promise Rings: Yandere Azur Lane Fanfiction by Salty_Kirumi
Promise Rings: Yandere Azur Lane F...by Nagato
A wedding ring won't save anyone... Settled was an average high school boy, is experiencing things that caused rough times. People never liking and helping him out at hi...
Aizawa x Reader (Lemon) by bakuhoe_fuckuroo
Aizawa x Reader (Lemon)by LegitNotCheryl
~>(COMPLETED ON THE 7TH Of SEPT!) [Remembering the day. The day when you had your first night together. Your confessions. Every Valentine's spent. Placing the ring th...
[ HellTaker ] Life With a Demon Harem by SDeoNite
[ HellTaker ] Life With a Demon Ha...by Miso Ramen 🍜
When your life consist of multiple demon girls that are in love with you, your daily life will sure be full of surprises. •Published and Completed• ~June 2020 - January...
Gliding Through The Wind [Amber X Male Reader] by SDeoNite
Gliding Through The Wind [Amber X...by Miso Ramen 🍜
Who says cute girls don't just fall from the sky? As you start your new life as part of the Knights of the Favonius. The last thing you'd ever expect is to have the Out...
[Date A Live] |ㄥ卂爪乇几ㄒ卂ㄒ丨ㄖ几 | (Kurumi X Male Reader) by Bannerherr
[Date A Live] |ㄥ卂爪乇几ㄒ卂ㄒ丨ㄖ几 | (Kuru...by 夜中
[Y/N] seeks salvation, the truth that remained hidden. And if he can not do it himself, then why not a friend of old acquaintance.
Villain Waifu Deku by __BAKUDEKU__
Villain Waifu Dekuby otaku's offspring
Follow the life of villain waifu deku, Bakugo Izuku as the loving wife of Bakugo Katsuki, and the Big Boss of an underground criminal organaziation. Watch as Deku tries...
Elemental Warrior: Highschool DxD  by starzcycle
Elemental Warrior: Highschool DxD by starzcycle
Y/n L/n. He was the son of Kansu L/n and Kei L/n. His parents, although strict, did love him dearly. They raised him to be happy, preferring to put his own well being be...
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Fairytail/Edens Zero Various Females X Male Reader by Kid_Gray
Fairytail/Edens Zero Various Femal...by GrayEdits
This is a book about various Fairytail waifus I do not own Fairy tail and Edens zero
A cook from heavens by Sleepy_Tokki
A cook from heavensby Shui
y/n lived with his grandpa in a small village his grandpa's goal was to get y/n in Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute y/n has been working hard ever since he was a kid as...
Just Another RWBY x Reader by SDeoNite
Just Another RWBY x Readerby Miso Ramen 🍜
(Y/N)(L/N) Is a neglected, abused, depressed, sad, emo, werewolf, vampire , robot, smile, sweet, sister, sadistic, surprise, service, Half-grimm, half-faunus ever since...
Smash or Pass: Honkai Star Rail by RedHood129
Smash or Pass: Honkai Star Railby RedHood129
Smash or Pass, cause I saw this here and I'm trying it with no purpose
MR X FV (Requests Closed) by Grape_Soda_Brian
MR X FV (Requests Closed)by GrapeSoda Bri-Catu
Hey you! Yes you, the sad, lonely weeb who is depressed because your family hates you and you want to get laid by non-existent characters from Japanese cartoons! Wanna r...
Waifus Of Christmas (A Relly Wholesome Special) by Relentlezz41
Waifus Of Christmas (A Relly Whole...by Relly Torres
Waifus of Christmas by writers choice. Chapters of Christmas themed stories of your favorite anime girls.
The Eminence In Alpha by Ceoh-ninja
The Eminence In Alphaby Ceoh-ninja
The Eminence In Shadow,but Based of the Best girl,mommy,waifu etc in the series,join alpha on her adventure!
My Little Deadly  Kohai (Ayano x Yandere Hanako) by SleepyyBunny_uwu
My Little Deadly Kohai (Ayano x Y...by Sleepy
Summary: Ayano was tired of never getting noticed by Senpai(Taro). He had admitted to liking Osana and kissed her in front of her. Causing Ayano's heart to brake. After...
H&D (Harem & Dungeon) by FrostyMidget
H&D (Harem & Dungeon)by Local Midget
[ MC: Bell Cranel ] (Bell x Harem AU) A Danmachi story thinking differently. Bell Cranel, a young man that just arrived in Orario, thirsts for adventures. But nothing...