The King

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'W-where am I?' 

I thought, working my way out of the rubble. 

'It seems something bad happened here.' I said, looking around at the endless rock and rubble where the cave once stood. 'Analyze the situation, Great Sage.'

<Yes. It seems as if someone blew up this cave on purpose,> she said. Her voice always feels so full of confidence. <Upon closer inspection, traces of magic can be found. But upon our arrival, there was no magical entity anywhere near us. This is most likely a trap that had been set beforehand.>

'I see. But why would anyone set up a trap for me? I don't think-' Suddenly a realization stuck in my mind like a bolt of lightning. I hopped around, searching vigorously for the 4 adventurers who were nowhere to be found. 'So the target was them, not me.' 

<Yes, master. The enemy most likely had business with them.> 

This sounds bad. Should I go and save them? 

<I will not recommend that course, master. We don't have any information about the enemy as of yet. It is quite risky.> That's what she said, her voice seemed a bit low but she continued. <However, if master still desires to do so, I will assist you with everything in my power.> 

Everything in my power, huh. That statement means a lot coming from you. 

'Alright, Great sage. I will be counting on you.'

I have already taken a liking to those guys. It would be a shame if they were to die on me already. 


A large gathering. A grand celebration. Crowds of monsters circled the source of attraction, the main performance for the night. 

"This is quite an amazing feast."

Chatter and murmur could be heard among the crowd. 

"Yeah, but what's the occasion?" 

"It seems like we have found another brother in the wild. This is supposed to be a welcome party for him." 

"Then what are those humans in the center?" 

"Those are meant to be sacrifices for today." 

"Is that so? That's quite a celebration." 

Cheers and laughs erupted all over. Everyone was having a nice time, except for-

"What in the hell is happening!?" shouted a certain ordinary guy in a tracksuit. "Are they going to roast us alive?" he said while looking at the large fire in front of him. 

"Calm down, Kazuma," replied a certain blue-haired goddess. "This seems like a celebration. The fire must be there just for entertainment." 

"Yeah, and?" asked Kazuma with a shout. "What do you think are those monsters doing dancing around it?" 

"Ah, Kazuma!" shouted a certain knight. "Why am I stripped off my armor and tied upside down? W-what are you planning on doing to... me?" she asked with a blush. 

"Shut up! Can't you see I am in the same situation?" protested Kazuma, wriggling vigorously to set himself free. "We are about to be roasted alive and eaten!" 

"W-what!? So you plan to roast me hard and then e-eat me?" 

Kazuma stared at her with visible disgust. "She must have hit her head or something when the cave collapsed. It is safe to say her rational thinking has been completely overtaken by her perverted self."

"H-hey! That's mean. I was just trying to lighten the mood-"

"YOU THINK THIS IS THE TIME!?" shouted Kazuma. "Hey, Megumin. Wake up already and use your explosion magic on them," he said to the yawning girl. 

"W-what?" asked Magumin. "Is it time for dinner already?" She opened her eyes and saw a huge fire towering the sky. "What are these tiny creatures jumping around that fire? Are these all slimes?" 

"Yes. Now get started already!" 

"W-what? Alright. Get ready. 

Wahahahahaha! My name is Megumin, the number one mage of Axel!" she shouted.

"Hey, quiet down! They will notice you." 

"B-but I need to finish my chant in order to-"

"No, you don't! You use a different chant every time. Now shut up and blast these little things before they burn us down to a crisp!" shouted Kazume, the ropes being the only barrier preventing him from punching the source. 

"A-alright. Here comes, EXPLOSION!" 

"Yeah, eat this you little slimy shits!" he shouted with all his might. This loud voice halted all movement and drew all eyes on him, glaring as if they had seen a wild, senseless monkey.




Nothing happened. 

"L-looks like I still haven't recovered enough magic to cast an explosion yet. Tee-hee" 

"W-why you little-" Suddenly he realized the predicament of his situation. "H-hello there, little slimes," he said to the glaring audience who now rounded up around him, ready to rip him to shreds piece by piece. At least, that's what he imagined. "Did I scare you? I am sorry I-"


Suddenly, a loud buzz echoed in the environment.

"What's this now?" 

There was a sudden commotion in the air. All the little balls of red, yellow, and green hopped and jumped and skidded, arranging themselves in a particular pattern. Two columns with about a two-foot gap in between, converging at the corner into a ring-like shape at the center. Between them walked, or rather, hopped a slime of a certain color and magnanimity. Its air was quite different from all the riffraff around. Even one such as the ordinary Kazuma could feel it. 

"W-what is that beast?" he stuttered, his voice heavy with fear. "Is this the king slime that we had been assigned to capture? Its presence seems like something out of this world." 

For a moment there was a deadly silence, other than the occasional flicker of the flames and the distant voices of night monsters. Everyone knew instinctively to stay quiet. Even the dumb goddess. 

And then it spoke.

"Today, we shall celebrate the founding of our new brother and the extermination of the foolish adventurers that dared to go against us." 

To the other slimes, the conversation happened via thought signals. As such, no humans would be able to decipher it. But for the sake of the adventurers, or perhaps just his entertainment, the king decided to mix in sound waves as well.

"We need to set an example for all the other brainless humans so that none of them may dare to defy us ever again!" 

The crowd riled up even more. If it were a human crowd, there would have been chaps and cheers. The king hopped along between the rows of two till he reached the circle surrounding the adventurers.

"Do you have any last words?" he asked, his voice reflecting an air of superiority. "If you beg me for mercy, I will make your deaths a bit more quick and painless." To his surprise and anger, there was no reply. "What the- How dare mere humans ignore my mercy!?" he shouted, but to no avail. His 4 listeners already had their eyes fixated somewhere else. "Huh? What are these stupid humans looking at?" he wondered, following their gaze at a distant object, a blue ball of cuteness. And to its doom. 

Author's note: Hope you liked this chapter. Enjoy. 

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