It's a slime

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"W-where am I?"

I looked curiously, scanning my surroundings bit by bit. Green grass, yellow soil, tall, dark trees littered with flowers and leaves- there's no doubt about it. 

The question remained- WHY? Out of all the places where Isekai adventurers begin, why am I in the midst of an unknown forest with no one to communicate with anywhere near me? Couldn't I have been reincarnated somewhere in a bustling city with an adventurer's guild to register as an adventurer and begin my journey on the spot? Now who knows how many days, weeks, or possibly months, would I have to spend walking around in search of a city or town?

I moved forward when another reminder struck me like divine light. Then again. I am not a human anymore. I am a tiny little blob of blue that's considered an enemy of humans, a weak monster meant to be hunted by rookie adventures. I highly doubt it would have gone well had I been near a human civilization filled with skilled adventures with no prior warning. I don't know the extent of powers and magic in this world yet, and I don't want to be a random grind for any top-tier magicians or swordsmen looking out for fair game. 

My first priority is to explore and gather information, and for that, an accurate assessment of my own strengths and weaknesses is a must. Well then, what skills and abilities did I receive again? There was-

<You have the Unique skills Predator and Great Sage, along with some Extra skills like Thermal Fluctuation Resistance and various other intrinsic skills. The most important one of your skills is->

"Yes, that's Predator," I said, confidently. "The ability to copy any of the opponent's skills and magic is the most busted thing in existence."

Even though I had heard her talk for the first time, I immediately concluded that the voice belonged to my Unique Skill Great Sage. Eris had already briefed me on the abilities I received while transferring worlds, so it came off as less of a surprise than-

<... No.> The voice replied coldly. <Your most important skill is Great Sage. Without someone to guide you in this world, you are as good as a monkey in possession of a nuclear weapon. You won't even be able to achieve a single quest, let alone your goal of defeating the demon king.>

Wait, what? Don't tell me, did Great Sage actually feel bad about me calling Predator more important than her? That's a surprise. I thought Great Sage was just a mindless computer that would guide me from time to time and offer some advice when asked, but if that's not the case then-

"I am sorry," I said in the most apologetic tone I could muster. "It seems I have underestimated how much of an asset you are. I won't make that mistake again!" 

<...Fine. I accept your apology,> the voice said lightly. <Moving forward, about the rest of your skills, Thermal fluctuation Resistance is...> And so, she continued to explain them all in great detail. 

"Hmm... hmm..." At the end, I presented my opinion. That's fine and all but, I believe it would be better to actually test them out rather than just hearing about what they do." 

<Yes, master, and it seems the perfect opportunity for that has arisen.>


After a while, some light murmurs could be heard in the distance. 


Kazuma POV

It's a beautiful day. The four of us are out on a quest and for the first time, IT'S AN ACTUAL QUEST! Yes, you heard it. We are finally, professionally, officially out there to hunt real monsters, and not those giant toads, in exchange for money. It's time we put in some work and bust our asses. This is going to be the greatest challenge in our lives and-

"Hey, Kazuma!" the useless self-proclaimed Goddess shouted, throwing her arms in the air. 

"Yes, I am Kazuma." 

"How long have we been roaming in this forest again?" She stopped suddenly, blocking my way. "Don't you think we should have encountered a slime or two by now?" 

"Calm down, Aqua," I said, shoving her to the side. "They must have sensed us coming and be hiding-"

"Even though slimes lack intelligence, they are very dangerous on their own," interjected Darkness. "But what's even more interesting is that according to our client, they witnessed a rather unusual phenomenon happening in this forest. Various slimes of different races were seen grouping together and attacking bigger monsters." She scanned our surroundings with a serious look on her face. "Apparently, they tend to hide in the bushes and trees and ambush their prey, engulfing them whole in the process and... and..." She grabbed her shoulders and started shivering, her face all red and burning with excitement. 

I simply stood there, not moving an inch. "Don't tell me you get turned on by-"

"A-anyways!" she said, looking at me with sparkling eyes and drooling mouth. "If we don't hurry up and take care of them, the slimes are only going to get more powerful by the second, and..." 

"That's all the more reason we should have found them already!" screamed the worthless goddess while shaking me to and fro. "What would happen if we are late and the slimes get too strong for us to..."

"Huhuhu." A sharp, smug laughter echoed in the air. "It seems like you have forgotten about the greatest weapon you have in store, your strongest most brilliant arch-wizard who has the strongest spell known as the explo..."

Too much... It's too much! All three of them are shouting at me together and I can't even make sense of what even a single one is saying. Ugh. I hope we find that slime or whatever already so that I can get rid of this mess-

"Huh? What's that?" I pointed towards a small ball of blue bouncing towards us in small leaps. "Could it be..." 

"IT'S A SLIME!!!" 

There it stood, right in front of us, as if ready for a fight.

Author's note: Hope you liked it. 

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