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I don't know how strong my opponents are, but they can't be too much of a problem according to Great Sage. Based on the strength of the average monsters we came across, we made a rough estimate of the average strength of adventurers. It stands to reason that if the monsters are too weak or too strong, the adventures will likely move where they make a reasonable profit for their worth. 

Our predictions are also backed up by a couple more of them we encountered a while ago, who seemed to fall precisely where we had predicted— Far too weak to even act as playmates. That's just how weak adventurers around this area are! Anyway, it was deemed completely safe for me to test my skills with little to no risk whatsoever. So, here I am.

"IT'S A SLIME!" Shouted the four guys excitedly, as if they had witnessed the greatest treasure of their lives. One by one I checked them out, trying to gauge their strength. 

Hmm... A blue-haired girl wearing a blue vest and a blue miniskirt, along with blue boots and a blue ribbon; that's too much blue for someone not totally obsessed with water in some form. Is she a water-elemental magician to something, or possibly a healer? Yeah, that makes sense. I must say, she is beautiful, but not more than Eris. 

The gorgeous blonde woman in armour next to her seems to be a knight. I am no craftsman, but that armour is clearly not a job anyone can do, and the sword seems no joke either. What do you say, Great Sage?

<We can destroy that armour pretty easily. It won't stand a chance against us if we fight seriously. And the sword can be easily absorbed by Predator if she chooses to raise it against us.>

Right. Moving on. Black cloak, a red robe, a brown staff, and a hat. Her attire clearly screams 'I am a magician.' She lost an eye in battle at such a young age? Amazing. 

<No, master, her eye is totally fine.>

What!? Then... does that mean it contains some secret power or a sealed curse? Maybe we should actually watch out for this one. 


This seems like one hell of a party. And this next guy seems like... umm... what the hell is up with this dude? No matter how you look at it, there's nothing that stands out about him: Plain adventurer's outfit you expect any beginner to wear. Doesn't seem like has any exceptional martial arts - looks like he can't even hold a knife properly. Definitely not a magician. At least he has an extremely high luck stat if that's a thing. Otherwise, how can an ordinary guy like him find a party with such beautiful and talented girls? There's no other explanation. 

"W-w-well, you don't need to worry about it guys." The blonde girl moved forward and pointed her sword towards me. "I-I will take care of this!" With an indomitable spirit, she raced towards her opponent, waving her sword perfectly determined to end him.

'Huh? Why does her face seem so red? Is she one of those battle maniacs who love fighting so much they get excited by it? Impressive. She must be one hell of a knight. Her sword must be very precious to her. Too bad, it's the last time she'll get to use it.'

Just as her sword was about to slash me apart, I activated my skill. Predator! devour it. 


Without her sword, she doesn't have a way to continue the battle. It was over, or so I thought, till I looked back and found her standing perfectly fine, holding her sword as if nothing happened. 

'HUH? How can that be?' I shouted to myself, shocked and confused. 'Why did Predator fail to absorb that sword? Don't tell me she...'

<No, she doesn't possess some mysterious power to cancel your skill, master.> Hearing those words, I came at ease. 


<It is safe to assume that she simply missed her mark.> 

'B-but how can that be?' I said, bewildered. 'I didn't try to avoid it at all. I simply stood in my place as still as a statue, waiting for her sword to hit me!' Ugh. Clam down. Even experienced people make mistakes sometimes. It won't happen next time. 


Here she comes again. Predator! 


It was over. The battle is now over... or so I thought. 

'WHAT THE HELL!? How can this happen again?' I shouted as the blonde girl stood right behind me, holding the sword perfectly fine. Is she trying not to hit me on purpose? This time, to be extra sure, instead of staying perfectly still I jumped towards her sword and intersected its trajectory as calculated by Great Sage. Then, how in the world could have missed... 

With each back and forth we had, I got more and more annoyed. The more I tried to get hit, the better she got at missing. In the end, we both collapsed on the ground, looking at each other as if having a mutual understanding. In a way, the two of us were in a similar situation. The girl tried her best to hit me with her sword, whereas I tried my best to get hit by her sword, but neither of us could succeed in our goal. It seemed like we could- 

"Hey, Darkness," the blue-haired girl shouted. "Slimes are immune to sword attacks, so you are just wasting your time." 

"W-what!?" the blonde responded, her face flustered. "Why didn't you tell me that before? That explains why this slime is still unharmed even after getting cut so many times."

YEAH!? As if you even landed a single hit on me, idiot.

"Yeah, as if you even landed a single hit on it, Drakness," said the plain-looking ordinary guy with a smirk. I get a feeling we can get along.

Wait, what am I thinking? I need to focus on our battle. If I can't absorb her sword, I will simply test my skills on her. Great Sage, what is the best attack I have right now?

<It's not possible to define a 'best' attack. The skills and spells you have learnt from various monsters and other things in this forest all have their definitive usage depending upon the situation. Although, if we are talking about brute force alone, 'water blade' is a good option.>

Alright then, let's see how tough you are. Water Blade!

"Ahn!" A piece of armour from her shoulder ripped off. Good. This attack seems stronger than I imagined. Well then, let's continue.

Water Blade! Water Blade! Water Blade!

"Ngh... Ingh... ahn..."

'Wait, there's something off here. Somehow, her screams don't seem like coming from a person who is in pain.'

"Y-you lecherous slime!" she said, grabbing her shoulders and breathing heavily.


"You just waited for an opportunity to soak a defenceless maiden in your dirty juices all this time, you vile creature!" 

T-that not true- What the hell!? Does this girl have a screw loose somewhere? Ugh. Someone, please get her out of here!

"It's my chance to fight it now!" The blue-haired girl rushed in to replace the girl named Darkness. "I will show you what a real Goddess like me can do," she said with a confident smile. 

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