We Don't Talk Anymore

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Yn chuckled when a photo from her gallery appeared infront of her view .

It was their picture .

The last memory before aparting from eachother .


Being a shy and an introverted himself tried approach the girl who was in her adulthood .

Both of them entered the world of adulthood recently .

Introducing with new feelings and change in behaviour .

Taehyung : Hey !! Are you new here ?

He said to the girl sitting on the bench quitely as she was looking here and there nervously as she was new to that college .

Everyone was making mew friends and Taehyung noticed her being alone .

He was also astonished to see her .

He did not know why he approached hef first . But it felt right .

Yn : O-oh actually yes . I'm new here . I recently came to this city so don't know anyone . So yeah !!

She said scratching her head nervously .

Taehyung : Yes I understand . So if you don't mind can we be friends ?

Yn : Yeah !! Why not ?

Thats where all of this began.

They began to share a bond of friendship , friendship turned into some growing unknown feelings they both felt at the same time .

They both didn't know . They were confused .

They were confused at their own feelings .

Time passed by their beautiful bond grew stronger and the male intended to take a first move .

Everyone was rooting for the scene about to happen as the male figure knelt im fromt of his love of life .

Heart beating rapidly with rythm .

Yn knew what gonna happen. She was beyond happy .

Taehyung : Yn ! I just don't know how an introvert guy like became an open.book for you . For you I've considered myself lucky . I didn't know I would get myself such a beautiful girl that would be the love of my life . You're the eternal beauty I caould ever rely on for my love . Will you give me a chance to love and cherish . I want to do my best for you belle femme .

Yn smiled as she was on another world imaginig their future already .

She accepted and the whole crowd cheered .

The beginnig of their love story was beautiful like a fairy tale .

But life was hard . The responsibility of career fell on their shoulder .

It gave them some distance they never wished to have .

[ On Call ]

Taehyung : Ynnie!! Can we meet ?

Yn : Yes sure !!

An unknown fear rushed into her heart .

They reached at the destination .

They both sat on the bench .

Taehyung held her hands softly and looked at her .

Taehyung : Ynnie !! You know life has been hectic recently . Sometimes I want to feel like to let everything go and held in my arms tightly . But then the reminder of growing a happy family , decent life , the settlement of our life . It has been so hectic that we aren't giving ourself proper time . Our relationship is lacking . You know right what I'm talking . It's not like I don't love you . It's like I can't able to love you like the way I've wanted . I wanted to give you happiness all the love and care you deserve . I'm lacking in it .

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