Part 5 : Blackmail

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Yn :.Why the duck you kidnap me ?

She kept screaming at the gaurds face who had their icy face on ignoring her .

Yn groaned .

Yn : My drama was going on and today my netflix subscription will end . Do you know how much I planned to finish at least 5 dramas today . But you all why do you kidnap today WHYYYY ?

?? : Because I told them .

Yn shot her glare to the tall figure .

Yn : Now who are you mister ?

?? : Don't you know me babygirl ? Im the king of the underworld . Kim Taehyung aka V .

Yn : V Or P I just don't care . I'm hungry give me food . If i get sick then the responsibility is yours and whats with this rope . Open them . Respect a girl bro !!!

Taehyung gave a done face and opened the rope .

Yn gasped dramatically seeing her not so red wrist .

Yn : Look how red it became ?

Yn said and Taehyung be like what the fudge like the rope wasn't even tied that tightly .

Yn : Do you have netflix ?

Taehyung was confused and nodded .

Yn : Im gonna watch and you've to pay for the dare to kidnap me .

Taehyung : Oh really ? What will you do ?

Taehyung said pinning her to the wall .

Yn : Oh honey ~~~ you want to know ?

She said while circling her hands around his neck .

Taehyung : Yea___ aahhhhhhhhh !

Taehyung stepped back holding his tata where she kicked .

Yn : Don't mess with me .

Yn looked around the house and hummed .

Yn : So I'm gonna stay in this house for a while and spend your money and will leave. That will be best . My revenge and wish to live luxuriously will fullfill .

Yn said while plopping on the couch .

She started to search for dramas on the TV .

Yn : Hey you mister !!!

Taehyung : Y-yes ?

He hissed as it was still paining .

Yn : Go bring snacks for me .

Yn said in a demanding tone .

Taehyung : Why me ?

Yn : Did you say anything ?

She said eyeing him dangerously . He looked down and gulped .

Taehyung : I'm coming .

He said and went away limping .

Yn laughed evily .

Taehyung : Witch !!


Taehyung gulped and hide in Yeontan's room believing Yeontan would save him from the human looking witch .

Taehyung : Tannie ! Save me from this witch !! She will not let me give you any partner to play with .

Yeontan was looking at his owner with a done face .


Taehyung : Hey girl !!!

He said while pointing gun towards Yn's head .

Yn rolled her eyes .

Yn : What ?

She said boringly .

Taehyung : Get ready . We're getting married . If you wanna spend my money that much then marry me and stay here for the lifetime being then wear tshirts not now . Literally you wear my every gucci tshirts and celine hodies . How can you ? Be my wife you'll have the right .

Yn : What if I say no ?

Taehyung : Your parents are at my control .

Yn : W-what ? W-why ? Leave them . I'll do whatever you say . Please leave them .

Taehyung smirked .

Yn : Do you think I'll say please leave me ~~~~~~ hah lol in your dreams which will never come true . You and blackmailing really doesn't have any match . Try something new .

Yn said and went downstairs .

Taehyung : YN ahh !! Jagiya . Please now stop . How much will you treat me like a stranger . Stop all this . Thats why I kidnap you . Why you ran away ? I SAID I'M SORRY . YAHH LISTEN !!!

Yn : Dad !! Do you know what happened ? What your son in law did ?

Y/D : Wait I'm coming . I'll not spare him .

" Possesive father mode on "

Taehyung's eyes pop out from its socket .

Taehyung : I have to hide , Where should I hide ? Eomma save me .

Yn : No one can save you Kim Taehyung .

Taehyung : Wait for tonight . I'll show my tata's power .

Y/D : How dare you talk like that with my daughter .

Taehyung looked behind and saw Y/D holding a gun.

His body shivered , he ran and hide behind Yn .

Taehyung : Jagi ! I'm sorry . I promis I won't eat your snacks again . But handle this man . I'll do everything .

Yn : You'll buy me snacks , share your clothes with me , give me Yeontan.for a week and wash the dishes for a month . Thats enough for now .

Taehyung : O_ok ! I'll do now handle this man .

Yn : Dad don't be furious . I just wanted to tell you that he's taking care of me very well didn't listen to me fully .

Y/D calmed down and hugged Yn .

Yn smirked at Taehyung . Taehyung huffed in relief .

Y/D : You !! Better take care of my daughter properly otherwise .

Taehyung : I'll dad !! I'll more than my life .

Yn wiped her fake cry because of his not so heart touching sentence .

Y/D : Take care .

Yn nodded .

Y/D left.

Yn : Never eat my snacks or you know .

Taehyung : Yes yes my queen !!

Yn : Now cuddle me .

She said spreading her arms .

Taehyung happily held her arms and went to their bedroom .

They cuddled and fell asleep .

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