Part 3 : Cheating .

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Yn : Taehyung !! Let's have breakfast !!

Taehyung : I'm not hungry . ( Coldly )

He said and left .

Yn : Why is he acting cold towards me ? Did I do anything wrong ? Why can't he treat me well ? Doesn't he love me ?

Yn sniffed while crying in Gucci .

Yeontan barked grabbing her attention .

Yn : Let me give you your food . Only you and myself love me . Well I'm happy about that . I should love myself ~~~~


Yn came to office while everyone greeted her .

She went to the manager's room as Taehyung was the directing manger of a Fashion company .

Well he was rich of course as Yn and Taehyung both had jobs .

Yn was a programming developer . She worked at an online office .

She also earned a lot of money . She was an independent lady .

Yn knocked but halted when she heard a high pitched laughter .

She squinted her eyebrows .

Yn : Why I'm knocking . It's my husband's cabin .

Yn said and opened the door .

What she saw was unexpected as Taehyung's girl best friend was clinging towards him .

Moa : Taehyung !!! Shall we have lunch together .

Taehyung gave a small smile .

Yn's anger built up in an instant .

Yn : Why the duck is he smiling ? He doesn't smile with me .

Yn cleared her throat grabbing their attention .

Yn forced a smile . An evil smile .

Yn : May I have your attention ? ( Said sarcastically )

Taehyung : Why do you come here ?

Yn scoffed .

Yn : Well I thought you needed this . But I think I was wrong .

Yn smiled and went out slamming the cabin door .

Taehyung sighed .

Moa : Leave her. Shall we go ?

Moa gave a cute smile which wasn't cute at all .

Taehyung : Let's go.


Yn : He didn't even stop me ? How could heee ?

Yn called her bestfriend .

Yn : Bisshhhh !!!!

She started her fake crying .

Lora : WHAT NOW ?

Yn flinched .

Yn : Were you sleeping ?

Lora : I was waiting for your funeral .

Yn : Bish then don't wait for mine . Wait for Taehyung's and his girl bestfriend's . Today is their last day . How the duck he ignored me and gave his whole attention to her . I can't tolerate that .

Lora : Wait !! What happened first tell me !!

Yn told her everything .

Lora : This mother ducker bitch !!! I'll kill him . He tried to heart my Lover , my piece of heart . I'm gonna grab my knife . Let's go . But first come to my house. A new kdrama has been released. We'll watch that and then we'll make a plan to kill him .

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