Part 4 : Don't go .

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Yn was walking through an alley .

She sighed thinking about her loneliness .

No parents , no friends , no boyfriend and no one .

No one was there to take care of her .

She was fragile inside and strong outside .

She wanted to be cherished , to be loved , to be admired , to be taken care of by someone .

Someone who would love her from the bottom of his heart .

But there was no one .

She was walking when someone called her .

?? : Hey Miss !!!!

Yn turned around and saw a tall figure.

She backed as it was night there was no one at the alley .

?? : Don't be afraid . Actually I want to ask if you can tell me about the place?
I don't know where and I also don't know how I ended up here . I know anything except my name !!

Yn looked at him in disbelief .

?? : I know it's unbelievable for a grown up man like me. But believe me .

He said with so much sincerity .

Yn : What's your name ?

?? : Taehyung . Kim Taehyung . And for you information I know nothing except my name .

Yn : What the fork ?

Taehyung : Really . Trust me .

Yn : Umm this place is Seoul .

Taehyung : Which year it is ?

Yn : 2023 . Why ?

Taehyung made an "o" face .b

Taehyung : What's your name ?

Yn : Yn .

Taehyung nodded.

Yn : Then I'll go .

Taehyung : Umm.. can I say something ?

Yn : Yeah ?

Taehyung : Can I stay with you ?

Yn : WHAT ?

Taehyung : I have no place to live . I just woke up and saw that I am lying here on the street . I don't know how why and when I came here. I don't remember my work , my family anything . And you seem nice , a pretty lady with a pretty behaviour so I thought to ask for a favour . I know I'm being weird as hell . But I'm helpless .

Yn thought how could she let a stranger to live with her .

But somewhere inside her heart a voice said that he was a nice boy . There was no harm letting him come with you .

She was hesitating .

Taehyung saw the hesitation .

Taehyung : I'm sorry . It's ok . I'll manage something else . Thank you for telling me about this place .

Taehyung said and became a little sad .

But unknowingly it hurted her .

Why was she feeling hurt that's the thing was roaming inside her heart and mind .

He was about to leave when she said .

Yn : You can live with me .

Taehyung : Are you sure ? I mean I can manage---

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