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Authors P.O.V

A woman wearing black wedges steps out of the silver ferrari and makes her way towards the five star hotel.

"Check in please." She says to the hotel concierge and takes out her phone.

"Check in for whom?" The hotel concierge asks.

"Choi. Choi Nari."


Kyungsoo's P.O.V

"Yah! Kyungsoo stop." My lovely fiance, Jae, slaps away my hand from grabbing another strawberry.

I chuckle at her cuteness.

"I just want one more please. ." I say innocently, hoping she'll give in.

"No. You had like how many? Three?"

I smile, "more like five."

"FIVE!?" She gaps open her mouth, "Kyung. . ."

I give her a hug from behind, "please jagiya~"

*Aegyo should work. .*

I hear her sigh, "why does your aegyo always work?" She pops a strawberry into my mouth and I chuckle.

After chewing it down, my phone rings.

I look at the screen.


It read.

I press the answer button.

"Yeboseyo?" I hesitantly say.

"D.O-ah. It's me, Nari. I'm here." The girl on the other line says.

I freeze and it feels like my breathing stopped.

"Nari who?" I ask.

Jae turns her head and looks at me with a concerned look.

"Choi Nari."

I get choked up and I can't find any words to say.

*Choi Nari. . She's back.*


There you go. Kick off to my sequel of "Cold Hearted".

Hope you enjoy! ♡

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