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Sasuke stared outside the window, 

his face completely blank, just yesterday he was at home during this time.

His mother was packing his lunch, he even complained to her on how he didn't want the same lunch everyday.

He went stomping to his school because he was upset that his mother didn't make his favorite food for lunch.

Never in a million years had he imagined that it would be their final interaction, he would never get to speak with his mother ever again.

Never get to taste her food, even the once which he didn't like.

They were all gone?


But it just had to be his brother who killed them, 

It just had to be the person he loved the most that went nuts and killed everyone?

It just had to be him? huh.

Sasuke couldn't feel anything but numbness, it was all too much.

Just coming home to see all of your family, relatives and friends dead was already too much for him to handle, 

but to see his brother with crazy red eyes, holding a bloody sword was the end point for him.

His brother whom he loved above all, above himself. 

Now what?

Find and kill itachi.

who, just 8 hours ago was someone he would lay down his own life to save. 

Now he would lay down his own life to kill him. 

Ok, let's just say.. he killed Itachi and avenged his clan. 

And then what? What is he gonna do? 

Be a ninja? 

What even was his dream again?

'My dream is to be like my big brother!'

Sasuke scoffed bitterly, 

It's to probably be nothing like his big brother. 

He sat there, completely tired of this stupid worlds bullcrap.

He wished he got killed by some rogue shinobi on his way home, that way, he didn't have to be the only uchiha left on earth with his mad man of a brother. 

He wouldn't have got to know that everyon died too, damn! would have been good. 

Before his thoughts could progress futhur, he saw someone come in. 


He turned back to the window, paying no respect and attention to the Hokage standing infront of him.

"I know it's hard, but don't lose hope."

He chuckled darkly, 

"Sure, being the only Uchiha sounds sooo awesome and I'm suddenly filled with so much hope! thank you so much, lord 3rd." He remarked sarcastcally.

Hiruzen offered a sad smile, 

"Child, you are not the only surviver. Don't believe that you've been left all alone."

The uchiha's eyes widened as he snapped his head,

"What? There's still someone left? who?" His words were thrown out fast, he seemed almost too eager.

The hokage extended a hand, with a bright smile.

"Come, I will take you to her." 

Sasuke agreed, wanting to see for himself to make sure that its real, 

He didn't want to be the only Uchiha in this world, the title was too heavy for him to carry. 

It felt like it would eat him away, remind him of how many people died to the point where he was the only one left. 

He felt like throwing up at just the thought, 

He fiddled with his fingers as Hiruzen guided him through the large hospital, he just followed the old man as he led them to a door. 

Sasuke noticed that they've come to the nursery part of the hospital. 

Hiruzen turned around and gave him a small smile before opening the door and gestured for him to come inside. 

Sasuke hesitantly walked in, his eyes landed on the various different cribs placed on both sides of the room. 

Hiruzen came to a stop near a particular crib, 

Sasuke's knee's began to shake, he could already guess where this was going. 

He felt tears gather in his eyes as he stared at the tiny baby on the crib, she seem to be fast asleep, 

His eyes trailed to the name tag attached to the crib, 

"Uchiha Kana.." He muttered, 

An infant, the only other surviver,

His felt his jaw tighten, 

He surpressed a sob as he gripped the edge of her crib.

She was probably just a few weeks old, she probably has no idea that her parents had died in an awful way, she probably had no idea what an Uchiha even is.

She is just a confused, tiny and fragile being left all by herself because his brother wanted to test the limits of his power.

He finally let a low sob, 

Hiruzen walked away, deciding to give the boy some privacy.

Sasuke cried for the first time since his dear brother left him to turn into someone he wasn't before.

Sasuke didn't cry for himself, 

He cried for the tiny infant, 

He cried for how much she had lost before her life could even start, 

He cried for how cruel this world really is, 

He cried as he gripped the bars of the crib, swearing to protect this little girl, to make sure she wouldn't know anything about the Uchiha Massacre, or of that Monster of a man he called as his brother.

He will make sure that she never feels that she's missing something, he'll be there for this little girl. 

He'll give her the love and attention that she needs, so much that she won't ever feel the need to find who her real parents were.

He reached his hand towards the small baby as she began to wake up, 

Those innocent and pure onyx eyes stared at his own dull ones, 

She made a sort of baby noise before reaching out her chubby hands and grasping a hold on his finger, 

Sasuke smiled through his tears,

He didn't even know that he's capable of doing that anymore,

But he was glad,

so glad to see another living breathing Uchiha, who's pure and Innocent, she didn't have to witness anything, she didn't have to have the burden of knowing that she survived to be alone while everyone died and left her behind.

he had never felt so glad in his life.

He realized that his dream isn't to be his big brother, 


From now on, Uchiha Sasuke has a goal and a dream in his mind. 

Kill Itachi,

 and protect Kana from the ninja world. 

"Hello Kana."  he smiled.

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