Sin of Sloth

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Falling victim to sin

Dark thoughts run through the mind

Sorrow washes over the soul, taking over

Overcome by depression, by an endless night

Some call it an illness

Or a state of mind

But they're not held prisoner

Trapped inside their own bodies

A voice calls from beyond the shadows

Whispers evil things, harmful wishes

Claims that the heart is where the true pain lays

Death smiles, "Drag this steel blade across your beautiful skin and everything will be perfect."

But the tale of "The Woods of Suicide" float by

Dante wrote of a warning such as this

He said never succumb to melancholy

Break the bounds of procrastination

Stop drowning in a sea of darkness

Grab the hand that's there to pull you out

You could have meant your death

Take heaven for the savior before you

Heaven shines a light down upon Earth

Angels are sent down to save people from their worst enemy, themselves

From their own hands, their inner demons

Tune out the dark whipers, turn towards the light

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