Chapter 2

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I open the door to my apartment and let myself fall on my sofa, I'm really exhausted. Todays client was so exhausting he wouldn't listen to anything I'd say. Why have a trainer if you're not gonna listen to him? And no not your horse is the problem, it's you! I wosh I could've said that into that annoying assholes face, but I need that job it makes it so much easier to pursue my dreams. Working as a horse trainer and coach gives me some privileges in the stable and I save some money while making some money. Showjumping is expensive, the horse, the vet, the equipment and driving to the tournaments. I'm glad that I don't have to pay for the bay in the stable. So I guess I have to put up with that wealthy assholes who think riding a horse makes them look more exquisite.

I sigh and look up and see that coffee cup sitting on the table, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, something about his shy glance and cute face made me want to know more about him. To be honest I approached him because he could my attention the second I saw him. I'm pretty sure they were already closed but I still wanted to try. If I would've had the time I'd been back today but I didn't even have time to train today so no chance. Too bad I get off work so late everyday, when will I be able to go back again and if so will I be able to see him again...

Judging by his look you would guess he'd be much more confident, but really he was so timid. His full lips, well shaped nose and adorable eyes, he was definitly handsome.

 A smile crosses my lips thinking about him.


Ugh thankfully my client canceled, that gave me some time to look after Life (my horse) we have to train for the upcoming competition.

I bring him back to his bay and start to unsaddle, I give him a good brush and get his fodder ready.

Afterwards I go to the washrooms, luckily these stables had not only toiletts but also showers. I take a quick shower and get ready. As always I brought an extra outfit for me to wear after work. This time it's a neat button down with light blue jeans, as well as some of my favorite rings and my absolute favorite necklace. I then work on styling my hair, making sure to look extra good, I got a date with a cafe today.

I rush to the cafe in hopes they were still open and that he would be there. I park my car near by and walk the rest to the cafe.

I arrive to see that the cafe is closed, the lights are off and it seems nobody is there anymore. Disappointed I take a look at the open hours, the cafe closes at 6 p.m. it's now 6:20 p.m. I could have sworn that last time I was here it was even later.

"Can I help you?"

Surprised I turn around to see him standing there, I'm pretty sure he blushes when our eyes meet.

"Oh, I just wanted some coffee seems I was to late, too bad coffee here's good, I guess I'll come back another time..." reluctently I turn away and start walking. "Wait!"


"I can make it for you!"


"Come on in" he takes the keys out of his pocket and opens the cafe. "Are you even allowed to do that?"

"Probably not" he shruggs his shoulders nad makes his way behind the counter, he takes an apron and puts it on before continuing his way to the coffee maschines, my eyes follow him in a dace, I never knew that putting on an apron could look sexy "Iced Coffee again?"

"Huh, oh yes please" I had to turn this around, I make my way to the counter and lean forward my hands on the counter as if to watch what he's doing. "So if you're not allowed to do this, why'd you do it?" he thinks for a moment "I guess the chef doesn't have anything against it, if this is what it takes to keep a customer"

"here your coffee" he sets it on the counter "4,99 right?" I pull out my wallet "leave it. It's on me, for your inconvenience"

"It's more of an inconvenience for you, I should pay you more.."

"It's fine"

"Can I sit down?" I ask "Sure" I proceed to drink my coffe as he stays behind the counter awkwardly "Come, sit down with me"

"Oh no it's fine I don't want to bother..."

"You're not bothering me, sit down" he reluctantly comes over and sits down infront of me. I can feel him staring, watching me but as soon as I look back he pretents to look outside. He's soo cute. We just sit in silence, but it's not an awkward silence its more soothing. Eventually I finish my coffee and get up to go. I make my way to the door, at the door I turn around "What's your name?"

"My name?" he looks unsure "Yes your, or do you see anyone else here?" I can see him turning red and I really have to bite back my smile "It''s...First" so his name was First, it suits him well "And yours?" his question brings me back to reality "Khaotung...Khao" and with that I turn.

"Don't come here tommorrow, tommorrow is my day off!" I hear him shouting and I turn to smile at him.

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