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        Dahlia Carson Delphine, the amazingly awesome woman who birthed me into this dull, pathetic world after all the steamy hot sex she and Daddy Dearest had together when they were still "happily" married, allowed me to drive myself to the airport, given that I've recently gotten my license to do so. Also, she'd probably never witness me driving again, as we'd be parting ways soon, for a while at least; oh, and also, I'm nearly an adult, so, yeah, I drive.

     She was, most obviously, in the passenger's seat; she was seeing me off, plus she'd need her vehicle back, duh.

     I had the air conditioner blasting because while it was, like, very hot in Raven, Zonaari, I've never been a fan of the wind violently blowing against my face; well, Mother Dearest had her window rolled down, regardless, but even so, blasted the air conditioner I did, as I refused to roll mine down. The sky was how'd you expect it to be on a very hot, super sunny day, so I won't describe it, as that would just be pretty pointless; we all know what hot, sunny days look like.

     I was wearing the best outfit ever: normal clothing. Wow, so amazing, right?! Like, my white tank-top was blacklaced at the sides and octopus tentacles ran across my boobies! Very hentai! Super kawaii! So otaku! Ugh, I'm already so tired of this preppy school girl inner voice I've got going on in my head right now; be gone, unwanted annoyance.

     In continuation of my attire, my jeans were kinda ripped but whose jeans weren't like that, specifically around the knees? And, as odd as it might've looked, I was also wearing sandals. No jacket, though; it was too fucking hot for that shit, so I had it packed away for later, because I'd definitely end up having to wear it eventually, considering where I was heading.

     God, that sentence really dragged on; expect more of that. Also, from here on out, just expect me to wear all sorts of different clothes; I'm not always gonna describe my outfits, because that would just be repetitive or whatever the word is, so just look out for my favorite clothing styles, kay? That way, you can just use your imagination.

     Southeast (or was it Northwest? Maybe Northeast? Southwest? I don't know directions; it was somewhere) of Warlington, the state I'd be moving to, was the teeny, tiny town of Spoonz. The sun hardly shined down and, when it actually did, it was only for, like, a day or two each month, maybe every other month; something like that, anyway. I don't understand the weather; do I look like I forecast it? It would rain there literally everyday, too, outside those very rare, supposed sunny times. Seriously, I don't understand the weather.

     Why did I force myself to move, you ask? The fuck if I know; I do know but I don't wanna tell you, so I don't know, okay? I could've just stayed with Mother, and continued being a selfish hoe at a place I'd rather be, but, alas, stupidity overtook my sanity, what little of it I had anyway. I asked to live with Cassius, Daddy Dearest.

     I never asked why they divorced since I honestly don't give a shit, but I assume it's because they weren't meant to be, amongst the actual reasons why people leave one another; I'd leave, too, with all that dullness in the air, of Spoonz, I mean. I wasn't even a year old when she took me away, which also makes me assume that they rushed into a marriage. You have no idea how happy I was when I became a teenager; no more did I have to spend a whole summer with him in Spoonz, instead spending half a week chilling together in the state of East (or was it West?) Caribbean, where the weather was always pretty decent, sort of. I'm selfish, I know.

     Ah, Spoonz. My prison-to-be.

     Why do I always make very bad life decisions? I hated the town; it's why I started avoiding it when I became a teenager. It's too goddamn small, for starters, and who'd the fuck would want to deal with the bad, mad confusing weather all the time? Idiots like myself, clearly. I adored Raven so much; the neverending blazing sunlight, the warmest nights, and the lovely people I ignored all of the time, I would miss them. I should've stayed with Mother and her new boo thing; I just had to be a moron, though. And selfless, for once. Snort.

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