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An: I'm the girl in the black hair who is your sister. You don't have to be the white hair girl so I'll do what I usually do ~

One morning you we're riding in a limo with you sister, sliver, to your new school. You sat there looking out the window with you (E/C) eyes with a bored look on your face. " hey (Y/N)....can you let the window down....it's hot back here..." You sighed and looked at sliver " ..whose fault is that for wearing all black? " Sliver chuckled and rubs the back of her head" but at least me and you are matching right? I'm wearing a black dress and your wearing a (F/C) dress. Don't you like to match with me you sister....I'm terribly hurt..." Sliver puts her hands to her face and starts 'crying' with her fox ears down. You sighs and crawl over to her and make her reddish- gold eyes look into your( E/C) eyes. " of course I love matching with you sis....I'm even happy that your here with me. We been though tough times in the past and your the only family member I have to turn too...." You hugged Sliver tightly as she hugged you back" yeah..your right.... I'm sorry sis..." You both break the hug and smiled at each other when the limo comes to a stop" ah...looks like we're here....are you ready to go in (Y/N)?" You get out behind Sliver and the winds blows your beautiful ( H/ L) (H/ C) hair and you moved it behind your ear.

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