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I was going to kill him.

Either that or cut off his dick and choke him with his balls.

Although, that would be a rather messy death and I don't have the time or patience to clean up after.

Maybe I'd just drown him.

Or inject insulin into his body every night for two weeks until he finally drops dead. After that I'd bury him and then bury an animal on top of him so no one will be able to find his body.

"I'm here, I'm here" My head turned to the direction of his voice and face palmed as he made his way to me, various pairs of eyes following him.

It was a good thing I chose a seat at the edge, that way he wasn't disrupting anyone as he crouched down in front of my seat and neither was I.

"You can stop plotting my death now" He smiled.

"Keep your voice down" I scolded him, getting some weird glances myself. "You're not supposed to be here remember? This section is for graduates only"

But Miles being Miles just shrugged, grinning from ear to ear like a damn cheshire cat. "I got your thing though"

"Graduate hat" I corrected, positioning it on my head. "Did I put it on okay? I don't think I did. Why did they make us come out here so early? The commencement ceremony hasn't even begun yet. Do you think I should go to the bathroom? To see how it looks? Yeah I think-"

"Breathe, pumpkin" Miles chuckled, placing his hands over mine, slowly bringing them down to my lap. "You look amazing, the whole graduate cap and gown thing really suits you."

I suppressed a laugh at his name for the academic regalia.

"You've come too far to overthink things now. I'm so fucking-"

"Language, Miles" I groaned, noticing the spared glances we were getting.

He rolled his eyes. "-freaking. I'm so freaking proud of you. It's been a rocky few months but despite that, you worked your ass-" I gave him a look and he rolled his eyes. "-butt off every day and now you're graduating"

"With a masters in app development and freaking honors" He added, his voice a bit louder.

"The honors are called graduating summa cum laude," I laughed.

"I don't care about the stupid name," He said. "What I do care about though is you and I know for a fact you're going to crush this"

"It's just collecting my diploma on stage"

"It doesn't matter, you're still going to crush this"

I sighed, a smile playing on my lips. "Thanks Miles. I feel much better"

"That's what I'm here for" He beamed.

"I think I should start heading to my seat, some people-" He glared at the other students around us that had been giving us dirty looks "-just don't know how to mind their goddamn business"

"Miles" I whisper-yelled.

He just chuckled, standing up right. "My little sister is all grown up" He took in a huge shaky breath, furiously blinking his eyes. "I think I might-"

"Nope, none of that" I interrupted, pushing him slightly. "Go now, please"

Miles laughed, forgetting about his attempt to embarrass me in front of the hundred other Caltech students that were graduating and finally headed to his seat.

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