Chapter Two- Karley White and Logan Alexander

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"Savannah?" I asked when I saw my girlfriend walk out with her, no our, daughter. "Rosa. Did it go well?"

"Alex is great, not like Avery, but his pretty close," Rosa told me her red hair bouncing with her steps. I was held she was healing, after all this would be the fourth time she'd seen Dr Peterson. "So it's fine, Mama."

"That's always good to hear. What about you sweetheart?"

"I'm not talking," she softly told me looking at the ground. I could only sigh at her answer, she would never change, but it was the reason I loved her. "I don't trust her."

"Sweetie, Dr Peterson only wants to help," I told her pulling her into a hug, kissing her forehead. Savannah was Savannah, my little bundle of mistrust. "We have a doctor's appointment. So we'll need to drop the kids at home and go." 

She just looked at me with wide dark brown eyes. I thought she was going to have a panic attack, it was the reason she needed to see Dr Peterson, her anxiety stopped her from living her life. Rosa must have been thinking the same thing, since the girl's skinny pale arms wrapped around Savannah's skinny waist.

"I don't want to go," she told me, hiding her face in my shoulder. It was a habit of hers, one that I wasn't going to stop, since it made me feel strong, like I was her rock.

"Sweetie, nothing's going to happen."

"What about the t..."

"Mum it's not going to happen," Rosa told her, once Savannah had slightly calmed down. My daughter had removed her arms from her Mum, a smile on her face. "You have to trust Mama, she'll protect you. Plus you have me, Logan, Naomi, Walter and Kelvin."

"Yea, Mama's never going to anything bad happen," I told her, playing along with Rosa's train of thought. The small smile on her face, made both me and Rosa smile. "Plus, I know your doctor. She's my, Naomi and Rosa's as well. Her twin treats the boys. Trust me, she won't do anything, not without being needed to help you."

"Rosa, you forgot something," a male shouted from the door. Looking up I saw a white haired man holding Rosa's bag. She was always forgetting something, then again, that's Rosa for you... along with Naomi. "You must be her family."

Savannah only looked at him. Before her eyes went wide and she hide behind me, she didn't mean it, but she was scared of males.

"Not telling," Rosa told him a smile on her face. She was must likely trying to calm Savannah down, taking her mind away from the fact that a male was talking to her daughter. "You have to wait for the next session or chapter!"

"Chapter?" I asked Rosa. She just turned and smiled at me, while Savannah hide her face in my back, tears going down her pale checks. I want to be annoyed at her, but then she does something cute. It was still slightly annoying how she can barely leave the house without freaking out, half the population weren't going to go into hiding, it would make my life easier, but it wasn't going to happen.

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