Introduction & Ch. 01: XMAS Eve Party Planning

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"A Castle Wedding for Christmas 2" Introduction & Ch. 01, by Gratiana Lovelace,
December 04, 2022 (An original Contemporary Romance fan fic story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2022; All rights reserved) [(1) story cover top left]

[Illustrations: I cast my stories as I write them. So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including the original cast of "A Castle for Christmas" (2021): Cary Elwes as Myles the 12th Scottish Duke of Dunbar and Castle Dun Dunbar, Brooke Shields as the American Sophie McGuinty, Vanessa Grasse as her daughter Lexi Brown, Dalmeny House as Castle Dun Dunbar, Lee Ross as Thomas the Castle Dun Dunbar e caretaker, Andi Osho as Maisie the Dunbar Village Innkeeper, Eilidh Loan as Rhona the young pastry chef par excellence in Dunbar Village, Tina Gray as Helen the Dunbar Village knitters group leader, and others as noted.]

[Author's Note: This original Contemporary Romance fanfic is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were made at the creative discretion of this author. And this is a gentle romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect. This is my disclaimer. And I came up with this story idea hoping for the creators of "A Castle for Christmas" (2021)—loved it--to give us a sequel! So if they see my fanfic story here, I hope that they consider this a suggestion for a possible continuing story for Duke Myles and Sophie.] 

"A Castle Wedding for Christmas 2"--Prologue & Wattpad Description

When the wonderful 2021 Netflix movie "A Castle for Christmas" left off on December 25, 2021, we found Myles the 12th Scottish Duke of Dun Dunbar Castle in love with the talented and feisty American author Sophie McGuinty as a new romantic couple. Myles and Sophie had swept each other off their feet last year. And the following year of 2022 proves to be a test of their nascent romantic relationship—because as mature adults in their mid fifties, they have each had their share of heartaches, and disappointments in love over the years—them both having been divorced. But though the path to love and happiness is often frought, love is well worth it. So the coming Christmas season of 2022 will prove to be a make or break time for Duke Myles and Sophie—in more ways than one.

Ch. 01—Planning for the Christmas Eve Party and such at Castle Dun Dunbar

It is Sunday, December 4th, 2022 and all is in anticipation at Castle Dun Dunbar in planning for its now 2nd annual Christmas Eve Party for Dunbar Village at the Castle. This means that holiday decorations, a musical group for dancing and atmosphere, food and drink, and fun are all needing to be planned by Duke Myles, Sophie, Thomas, Maisie, & Rhona who are sitting on not so comfortable banquet chairs in the Castle Dun Dunbar ballroom this fine morning, with snow and frost covered mullioned windows letting in their wintery sunlight.

But there is a little hitch in that regard—with the Christmas Eve Party at the Castle planning. The tall blonde Viking and maturely handsome Duke Myles is smiling more than usual these days, since the brashly auburn haired also tall beauty Sophie came into his life last year around Christmas [(2) image top right], and promptly bought his castle since her grandfather had worked as groundskeepers on the land—and she is a very financially successful romance author. But Duke Myles has long forgiven Sophie for buying his home Castle Dun Dunbar out from under him as their romance developed. And Duke Myles has something very special to be planned as an additional Christmas Eve party event in his mind.

And Sophie, Maisie, Rhona, & Thomas notice that—Duke Myles smiling--and wondering what he is up to as the Duke opens the party planning meeting.

Duke Myles: "Dearrr Frrriends, ..." He sees his love Sophie slightly pouting and instantly amends his remarks. "... and loved ones." Which makes Sophie smile.

Though Sophie and Duke Myles are not married, they are a very loving couple. With Sophie having long since moved from the drafty tower bedroom she started out in last year, to the Duke's Duchess warm and cozy bed chamber and sitting room adjoining his bed chamber. And their relationship has continued on its loving romantic path.

However there is a little hitch there as well. You see, Duke Myles wants to marry Sophie, and to make her his wife and Duchess. But Sophie keeps refusing to marry him—but she will not explain herself to him, to his great consternation.

Thomas: "Myles! Arrre ye going to get on with it, ye dobberrr? Orrr must we spend all morrrning with ye gazing like a love sick Scottish terrier at Sophie herrre." Thomas gestures to her. "Uh, no offense, Sophie." He winces for his impolitic gaff. But then, whoever said that Thomas was a diplomat?

Sophie: "None taken, Thomas." She replies brightly with a smile at Thomas, and then a loving smirk at Myles.

Duke Myles: "As I was about to say—before I was so rrrudely interrupted--I hope to add an additional featurrre to our Chrrristmas Eve festivities this year. And it is this—a wedding!" Miles finishes with a flourish, smiles, stands, walks over to Sophie and kneels before her, again.

Maisie, Rhona, Thomas: "Ahh!" They sigh with the romantic moment.

Sophie: "Oh no!" Sophie murmurs as she blushes.

Duke Myles: "Oh yes!" Duke Myles smiles desirously lovingly at Sophie and takes her hands in his hands. "I know ye have been putting me off about yourrr becoming me wife and me Duchess these past severrral months. But I am not deterred, Lass."

Sophie: "Myles, please don't make me turn you down again—and in front of our friends." She gestures to Thomas, Maisie, & Rhona.

Maisie: "Then, don't turrrn him down, Dearrrie!" The sucker for romance Maisie states stridently. Afterall, the late thirties Maisie and late forties Thomas have also been reacquainting themselves as a romantic couple this past year as well.

Rhona: "What she said." The young twenty something Rhona nods and points to Maisie.

Thomas: "I concurrr! But Myles looks like he is wilting therrre on his knees." Thomas gazes at his friend and employer, Duke Myles who nods his head.

Duke Myles: "Aye! I have to eitherrr stand up orrr sit down on the floorrr, now. Me knees can na take being on this harrrd wood floorrr forrr so long." So he stands and rubs his knees. "Ach! Much better!" Then he pulls another chair over to where Sophie is sitting, and he continues his interrupted proposal to her. "Therrre! Now, I won't take nor for an answer, Lass! I love you and you love me."

Duke Myles clasps Sophie's hands in his, then he leans in and tenderly kisses her, thereby delaying her usual negative response—and hopefully engendering a most positive response from her.

Maisie: "Now that's the way to do a prrroposal." She avers, whilst discreetly sneaking a peek at Thomas, who doesn't notice her peeking, since he is gazing at Duke Myles and Sophie kissing—while Thomas ruminates about his own slowly rebuilding romantic relationship with his love Maisie.

Finally, Duke Myles and Sophie come up for air from their kissing.

Duke Myles: "And?" Duke Myles asks hopefully of Sophie as he places an heirloom diamond in a white gold setting engagement ring on her bare left ring finger. "This ring belonged to me grrrandmotherrr Duchess Maura. And she and me grrrandfatherrr Duke Hamish werrre a very loving and happily marrried couple for thirty years—which I hope bodes well forrr us!" He smiles broadly at her—not the least of which is now she knows the derivation of his dog Hamish's name, as the hound perks up from his dozing position when he hears his name mentioned.

Sophie: "Oh Myles! This ring is so lovely—and precious as a family heirloom! But, I still can't give you what you want." She despairs.

Duke Myles: "I beg to differrr. Think back to just this morrrning—and last night!" He wings his eyebrows up and down.

Sophie: "I don't mean that." She blushes. "But you're a Duke. You need an heir, so some long distant cousin doesn't inherit the Dunbar Dukedom and the estate—except for Castle Dun Dunbar which I own. And I am long past the point of getting pregnant." She throws up her hands in dismay.

Thomas: "You've not told herrr yet?" He addresses Duke Myles.

Duke Myles: "Nay! And ye all keep quiet about it." He sternly gazes at Thomas, Maisie & Rhona.

Sophie: Sensing something is not quite right, she asks. "Thomas? What hasn't Myles told me?"

Thomas, Maisie, & Rhona all shake [their] heads in no and look down at the wood floor or [up at] the portraits of Castle Dun Dunbar ancestors on the wall—anywhere, but at Sophie.

Duke Myles: "Alrrright! If you must know, I have a perrrfectly good heirrr lined up to succeed me. He just does na want to."

Sophie: "What does that mean, that he does na want to?" She hasn't heard that Myles has any agreeable and close male relations before now. And Sophie wonders what Myles has been hiding from her.

Duke Myles: "When me firrrst wife left me thirrrty years ago, she neglected to inforrrm me that she was carrrying ourrr firrrst child. It was na until my son was ten yearrrs old and he found out that he had a living fatherrr, that she was forced to intrrroduce me to me own son, Ewan [(3)]. But by then, the lad had grrrown rrresentful of me not being in his life. When his motherrr had neverrr even told me that my son Ewan existed until that point in time! Though I trrried to get to know Ewan over the years with visits and attending his school functions—with my also paying for his prrrivate schooling, his afterrr school sports and music activities, and such--he wanted nothing to do with me." Duke Myles says sadly, with his tears threatening to fall, but he stoically does not give them leave to do so.

Sophie: "Oh Myles! I'm so sorry." Sophie embraces Myles warmly, tenderly for several moments. She is very grateful to have a wonderful relationship with her own now 24 year daughter Lexi who is studying for an advanced degree at Cambridge University with a study abroad program for the past year. So Sophie feels blessed to have her daughter close, despite Lexi having her own busy social life in England that keeps them from seeing each other, beyond skyping—more so the last several months or so.

Then Maisie, Rhona, & even Thomas come over and hug both Duke Myles and Sophie. But after a few moments more, Duke Myles is [feeling] cramped and over warm, so he shies the others back.

Duke Myles: "Thank ye, but that's enough of that." Then he turns again to Sophie. "So ye see, me Dearrr Sophie, ye need not worrry about my seeming lack of a male heirrr, because I do have one. And maybe in the next twenty or so years, I can finally get to know my son Ewan as the adult he is now, and he can get to know me. And maybe I can even convince him to come to Castle Dun Dunbar for a visit sometime." He smiles wanly. "So please marrry me on Chrrristmas Eve, Sophie? I love ye so!"

Sophie: "I love you, too, Myles! Yes, I will marry you!"

Sophie jumps into Duke Myles arms as they tenderly kiss each other with loving abandon, and then some. So much so that Thomas, Maisie, and Rhona blush for being privy to it. And Duke Myles flails his hand in a shooing motion toward them as he continues to kiss his Sophie.

Taking the hint, Thomas gathers Maisie and Rhona and they head down to the Castle Dun Dunbar kitchens for a bite of luncheon—them not worrying about whether or not their fellow Christmas Eve at the Castle planning committee persons Duke Myles and Sophie will be joining them for luncheon, before resuming their Castle Dun Dunbar Christmas Eve Party Planning meeting this afternoon.

And then Duke Myles and Sophie repair to their Castle Dun Dunbar bed chamber suite to lovingly celebrate their engagement and upcoming Castle Dun Dunbar wedding at Christmas Eve this year.

To be continued with Chapter 2

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