Chapter 7

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Cece P.O.V

I roles over and pulled the Deviants jacket tighter around my. The pillow was stained with tears and smeared with eyeliner.

"Hey, we gotta go to the show now." CC said quietly and ran his fingers through my hair. "You wanna come?"

I shook my head no and tightened my grip on the jacket. He sighed and walked away and I went to the bathroom. I was a wreck. I wiped the makeup from my face and redid it then went out to change. I stopped when I heard CC talking.

"Hey, Ash, Im really sorry bro. I shouldn't have tried to take her. She's a wreck man, I think she really loves you. I'm going over to the BOTDF show with the guys if you wanna come see her." he was quiet for a moment then I heard him say bye and footsteps coming my way. I dove back into the bathroom as he passed by.

When CC was gone I jumped in the shower. I didn't want Ash to see me like this. I got done and started to dry myself off when I realized I had forgotten my clothes. I sighed and wrapped the towel around me and walked out to the bunks. I was rummaging around my bag when I heard a knock on the door. I started to walk towards the door but it opened before I got there. I froze as a couple unfamiliar men walked onto the bus.

"Can I help you?" I asked and tightened my grip on the towel.

"What's this? You said the bus would be empty!" The biggest man yelled. I slowly started to back up and away from the men who were fighting. I ran to my bunk and started frantically trying to find my phone. I grabbed it and it the call button but just as he answered a hand grabbed me by the hair and threw me back into the bunks opposite mine. Across the top and bottom of my back flared with pain as I smashed into the bunk and I screamed hoping he hasn't hung up.the phone yet. The man in front.of me slapped me and hissed in my ear to be quiet.

I struggled against him until I.finally got free and ran for the front of the bus. I stumbled and someone shoved me to the ground. I was flipped onto my back as the man sneered down at me.

"You're a pretty thing." he murmured.

"Get away from me." I growled back and continued to try to escape.

"Stop that!" he growled and grabbed my hips hard making me cry out in pain. "See? Just stay quiet and we won't have any troubles." I continued to struggle against the man until I finally managed to pull a leg up and kick him hard in the stomach. He groaned and fell back a little and I crawled away flipping onto my hands and knees. I looked up and froze seeing him in the doorway just staring blank faced. Then the man having not seen Ash grabbed me by the hair and smashed my face into the floor. I groaned as black dots danced across my vision and blood ran down my face. I could feel hands putting me back on my back then everything went black.

*Ash P.O.V*

I had answered the phone happily until I heard the scream. I hurried up and got dressed and ran to the BOTDF bus to find the door was wide open. I crept on quietly but froze when I saw the sight before me. There were a couple guys in the back going through bunks but right in front of me was Cece. She was completely naked and a towel layed a little ways back. There was a man on top of her though and that's what had me frozen. First I thought whore. How could she? It was all a lie. Then I thought what if it wasn't. My mind kept going back though. Then she kicked the man and started to crawl in my direction. She looked up at me and froze then the man grabbed her and beat her face of the ground. She groaned as he flipped her over onto her back. She was completely limp and blood was running from her nose and down her face.

That's when it clicked.

I launched at the man knocking him back. I started beating him and ignoring the hands trying to pull me off. Then familiar voices sounded through the bus. I jumped up and turned to see my band mates and BOTDF standing there shocked. The other guys had run towards the back of the bus and the one I had been beating was unconscious.

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