Chapter 12

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Cece P.O.V

"That was great you guys!" Nick cheers as we come out of the booth. Can't believe its been three months since we were signed. That's four months since I last saw Kellin and it's been a year since I met Ash. A year exact. I know this because we are going to Rock on the Range tonight to celebrate.

"I was thinking." Nicky says as he walks up. Yes Nicky, our band mate is Nick and our manager is Nicky. Damn it can be confusing.

"Oh god." I smirk at him and he gives me the finger.

"How bout a tour?" He asks.

"What!? When?! With who?" we are all asking questions.

"Hey!" he yells and we go quiet. "Tour. Next month. Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria." he smirks. I open my mouth to yell yes but pause and turn to the band.

"We decide as a band." I raise and eyebrow.

"Yes!" they cheer.

"Great, also, The Vans Warped Tour. Yay or nay?" he looks at us.

"We'll have just got done with our first tour, we still have to work on and album..can we do another tour?" I ask them. They all look deep in concentration.

"Well, we probably won't sleep until September but I think we can do it." Nix grins. Tyler and Nick exchange looks then grin and agree. Jessie smiles slightly,"Its insane but I think so."

"Great!" Nicky cheers.

We head out after that to celebrate at Rock on the Range.

"This is so epic!" Nix squeals as we walk into the arena. I laugh and she jumps on my back as we walk around checking out all the bands.

"I have to pee! Nix come with me!" Jessie yells and drags Nix off. I notice Tyler talking to a girl and Nick standing alone. I walk over and wrap an arm around his shoulder.

"You okay?" I ask.

He sighs,"My parents know I'm gay."

"That's a bad thing?" I look at him confused.

"Yes because they kicked me out." he frowns.

"Oh damn, I'm sorry. You can stay with me and JeyJey." I hug him tightly and he hugs back with a small smile.

"Thanks." he murmurs and lets go. We grins huge then his face goes blank. I turn to see why and Ashley is standing there with a hurt expression. I watch as a tear roles down his face.

"Ashley, what's wrong?" I ask and step towards him. He looks down at where I'm still holding Nicks hand. I look down then back up at him confused than it hits.

"Ash, it isn't like that.." I start to say.

"Save it! I can't believe I actually thought.. whatever just what the fuck ever. You really are just another band whore." he says and stalks off.

Tears stream down my face as I watch him leave. What the fuck? He didn't even let me explain.

*next month: tour start*

"Come on Cece! We're gonna be late!" Nix yells. I hurry from the dressing room still zipping up my Harley Davidson boots. I fix my shirt and rearrange my bandanas for the billionth time and we go side stage. We are the opening act. I'm dreading this tour though. I haven't talked to Ash in a month, he still thinks I'm a whore. I also haven't gotten rid of the ring or the jacket. I always have the ring on. I put it in my favorite handcuff necklace. Its secured in the back so it can't be seen unless your looking.

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