Chapter 2

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Cece P.O.V

I woke up and stretched feeling the arms around my waist tighten. I sighed and pried them off of me and went to the bathroom. I jumped in the shower and started washing my hair when someone knocked on the door.

"I have to pee." Ash whined.

"I'm in the shower." I said and finished rinsing my hair.

"I really have to piss!" he called.

"Go outside then!"

"Ew no! What if someone sees!"

I sighed,"They've probably seen worse out here."

"Dammit! I'm coming in!" he yelled fanfics started to open the door.

"Ashley, there isn't a curtain!" I yelled as he walked in. I turned my back to him and glared at the wall.

"Really!?" I glared over my shoulder at him. He looked over at me and blushed before looking away.

"There really isn't a curtain." he muttered.

"No there isn't. So hurry up and get out." I yelled. His face and neck were a deep red color from blushing. He finally left and I sighed and finished my shower quickly. I got dressed and stormed out of the bathroom to see Ashley still blushing and Joel and Jey laughing.

I crossed my arms over my chest and sat down next to Ash. "Stop laughing." I growled at my friends. They stopped laughing but kept these stupid grins.

"Its the last day, we go home tonight." Joel said looking between me and Ash.

"What?" I asked noticing the smirk she gave Jey.

Jey grinned,"Hey Ash, you wanna come stay at our place? Warped doesn't start till next week, and I'm sure Cece is gonna miss you." My jaw dropped and I stared at them. I turned to Ash with wide eyes to see him looking confused.

"Do you want me to stay?" he asked me.

"I, um, it-it doesn't matter to me. You can if you want." I blushed and looked away. I did want him to stay.

"Cool, yea I'll stay." he smiled,"I gotta call the guys and let them know I'm staying longer." he said and grabbed his phone. He put it up to his ear as it started to ring.

"Hey Andy, I'm gonna be out here a little longer. I have to take the rental back today though. No I don't know how I'm getting there."

"Cece can take you. She has to take me." Jey smiled.

"Why?" He asked looking confused.

"I'm touring with BOTDF." She grinned.

"Oh, okay, I do have a ride then." he said into the phone. "Yea, see ya in a couple days." he hung up and looked at me.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"You are going to be alone all summer?" he asked.

"Yea." I nodded slowly. He picked up his phone again.

"Andy, its me again. Can I bring a friend. How do you know its a her? Oh, okay. Yea. Thanks." he hung up again and smiled at me. "You're coming with us on tour."

"Thanks for asking me first." I mumbled.

"Do you not want to?" he frowned.

"No, I'll go, but you should have asked me first." I said.

"Sorry." he mumbled.

I sighed and hugged him,"Thank you Ashy."

"Ashy?" he smirked at me.

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