Chapter 11

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Cece P.O.V

I woke up to Kellin jumping on my bed and roaring and yelling "I am Quinnasauris here me rawr!!" I groaned and grabbed his leg making him fall beside me.

"Aww no fare!" he whined.

"Why did you wake me up?" I yawned and sat up.

"You said we were going to the zoo." he said and crossed his arms.

I yawned again,"Fine. Get ready and I'll call everyone." I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom yelling and waking every one else up.

I quickly showered and did my hair and makeup and pulled on red ripped skinnies, a shredded black tank top with the Deviant jacket over it and knee high platform boots with studs up the backs and skull buckles on the straps. I ran out to the kitchen where Jey had made pancakes and everyone was eating. I grabbed a pancake and peanut butter and started eating. Everyone was already ready.

I grabbed my phone and called Nix who let the other know and promised to be here soon. JeyJeys girlfriend, Zoe, was already at the door. When Nix,Jessie,Nick and Tyler arrived we left.

My phone buzzed and I groaned seeing the stalker was back.

"Should we call the cops?" Kellin asked.

I shrugged,"They are stalking us but not really causing harm."

"They could cause problems with your relationships." Nix frowned.

"I hope not." Jessie said,"You and Ash are so cute together."

"And Kellin and Katelynne." Nick smiled.

"No, they get it. Fans can be..." Kellin paused thinking.





We looked around at each other and laughed. We paid to.get into the zoo and started walking around.

"I wanna see the penguin!" Kellin whined.

"I wanna see the lions!" I whined back.

"We'll see them all!" Jey laughed.

"I wanna ride the train!" Nix squealed.

We skipped through the zoo happily. We got to the penguin place and giggled seeing the awkward little creatures. Then the smell hit, fish that had been in the sun to long. We gagged as we all ran away with wattering eyes.

"I don't wanna see the penguins." Kellin grimaced. We all laughed as we skipped away.

"What are those?" Kellin pointed to a cart where a man was selling chocolate covered bananas.

"Those, are yummy." I grinned and ran forward. The bananas are on sticks, frozen, and covered in chocolate with some form of topping. I got sprinkles, so.original I know.

We all got one and walked towards the polar bear place. We watched the fuzzy bear swim around while we ate our bananas then went to the aquarium. We were all making faces at the fish. After that elephants and tigers and lions. We spent the whole day there. Of course the whole day all of our phones were telling us we were cheating. Well JeyJey and Zoe were fine but anytime Kellin or I went near each other or one of the others a moment later there was a post that we were cheating.

I rolled my eyes at yet another post as I was on kellins back. We had been walking all day and I was tired so he was carrying me. I took a picture of us and posted that my good little servant was giving me a ride, a moment later the same exact picture was up with us and Ash and Katelynne tagged saying yet again the we were cheating.

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