Chapter 8

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Cece P.O.V

"So do you want to come back to L.A. with me when tours over?" Ash asked and I turned to look at him. They were about to go on stage but I had promised to watch SWS today since tour was almost over.

"I have school still. Another year in fact." I said and looked down as he started to pout. I can't say no when he pouts but I can't say yes to this.

"There are a couple weeks between tour and school. You can stay with me and I promise to have you home for school." he said and hugged me tight still making puppy eyes.

"What about Jey? I can't leave her alone that long." I muttered.

"She can stay with Jayy and Dahvie." he said.

"I'll think about it and talk to them." I said and gave him a small smile. He smiled back and gave me a quick kiss before running to the stage with his bass and the guys.

I turned and ran out of the stage area and across the venue to where Sleeping With Sirens was playing. I showed security my pass and ran back to wait for Kellin. He came out with the rest of the band and hugged me before going on stage. When they were done with the set they hugged me again.

"So do you like us yet?" Kellin asked excited.

"Nope, pretty sure I still dislike it. Sorry Quinn I just don't the music." he pouted but I hugged him again and we walked out.

"So what did we miss?" Gabe asked.

"Ash asked me to stay in L.A. with him when tours over." I smiled.

"What did you say?" Kellin asked excited again.

"I said I would have to talk to Jem and Dahv and Jey. I also have to go back to school for another year." I sighed.

"Oh," was all he said. Eventually we parted ways so that I could find BOTDF and they could get drunk.

"Jemmy!" I yelled and jumped on Jayys back when I found them.

"Hey gurl! " he laughed and I jumped off of him. I hugged Dahv and Jey then walked back to the bus with them.

"So what's going on in your little world?" Dahvie asked. I flipped him off with a glare. He was mad that I was with Ash and said it wouldn't last because Ash was to old and I was to young. So he called it my little fantasy land.

"Ash asked me to stay with him until school starts back up." I smiled as Jem and Jey awed and Dahvie rolled his eyes.

"I told him I'd talk to you guys since I can't leave JeyJey home alone that long." they nodded understanding.

"Well Jey can stay with us and you two can fly back to Ohio together the week before school starts. That will give you and Ash about two weeks alone." Jem said thoughtfully. This is why I love him. I smiled and jumped on him hugging him.

"Dahv, please stop being mad." I begged. He just scowled at the wall and ignored me.

I sighed. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Bye! Remember, its the last week of tour!" Jey called. I smiled as I stepped off the bus and headed back to the BVB/SWS bus.

I walked in and heard the guys talking and laughing in the lounge. I went in and sat down on Ash who took my cowboy hate and sat it on his own head. I glared and took his sunglasses. He smiled and gave me a light kiss before we looked back to the others.

"Hey I've been meaning to ask, why do you guys have to share a bus but none of the other bands do?" I asked looking around.

"Oh, well, Ash and I are flaming homosexuals and like sharing bunks. It was set up until you came and stole my man." Kellin pouted.

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