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Soloist Moon Narae (stage name RÆ) met BTS' Jeon Jungkook when recording a collaboration album with the whole group. At the time, she was in a best friends-with-benefits situation with Jung Jinhyeong (also referred to as JJ) but this ended when Jungkook and Narae confessed to each other after months of working together and growing closer (Chapter 34 and 35).

Post-confession, the two eventually made things official after a mishap with model Anaëlle Bayonne backstage at an award show (Chapter 43). As boyfriend and girlfriend, the two went on a worldwide tour for eight months. Whilst on the tour, two more mishaps occurred - the interview (Chapter 52) and Jungkook's fall on stage (Chapter 57) - the latter leading to Narae eventually making the decision for the two to break up.

Narae felt as though she wasn't a priority in Jungkook's eyes (Chapter 57 and 58) and made the tough decision for them to break up which Jungkook agreed to. We leave the two at the end of before you love me with the tour being over and Narae moving out of the dorms, with them all on good terms.


Other notable characters include:

- Asa: Narae's number one best friend, soulmate and longtime-producer who married Yoongi whilst they were in Vegas (Chapter 56). She was part of a girl group with Narae called ECLIPSE (disbanded in 2017) and has made the decision to finally release her own solo album.

- Sol: Narae's other best friend, former member of ECLIPSE and current actress. In a relationship with Cha Eunwoo of Astro.

- Haneul: Narae's best friend, former member of ECLIPSE, current model-turned-fashion designer.

- Tianna: Narae's close friend and choreographer. In a relationship with Hoseok.

- Kamaiyah: T-shirt designer and designer of the merchandise for the album. In a relationship with Namjoon.

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