Pro #3: You get to brag to your best friends about how your first time wasn't nearly as humiliating as theirs...I'm not entirely sure it's a good thing, oh well.

The day after the party Lola and Conner came to pick me up. I hadn't heard a word from Jared. Was he upset with me? Was I ever going to see him again?

I got inside Lola's convertible, somehow all three of us fit in the front seat. During these past couple of days, I've done things that are so...unlike me, but yet feel so natural. I've lost my virginity for one, I've had one too many alcoholic drinks, and to top it off, I'm sort of maybe having an affair with my best friend's very hot OLDER brother. Who knew life could be so exciting?

Lola reduced the volume as we were driving down the highway. I was actually enjoying listening to Ke$ha. Which is really odd, cause before tonight I'd never really listened to any of her songs.

"So any of you want to tell me what's going on?" she actually looked hurt.

Lola can be so dramatic sometimes!

She parked the car in front of the froyo place and we went inside.

When neither of us said anything, Lola started doing her infamous puppy dog eyes.

"Katie's having an affair with your brother" Conner said, Lola went on a laughing fit while I scolded Conner. 'Affair' wasn't really the appropriate term.

"Conner you're making it sound like he's 40 and married with kids" I said, hitting him playfully on the arm.

"He might as well be!"

Meanwhile Lola recovered from her fit, "Nice one Conner, but seriously guys what's going on?"

We just looked at her, she didn't believe what Conner said?

When we didn't say anything, her mouth opened and closed for like 5minutes repeatedly before she squealed up and down in her seat.

"You guys are serious?!!" she asked, clearly in shock.

"No sh*t Sherlock" Conner said, looking bored.

"When?! How?! Why am I only hearing of this now?!" she looked and sounded like a bunny high on energy drinks.

"I don't really know, yesterday, a few days ago I guess, it just sort of happened" I said, shrugging.

"He's like 25" Lola said, stating the obvious.

"26 actually and so?" I asked

Conner laughed then said "You're basically jailbait and he's basically cradle snatching"


"But I'm not that young"

"You're a minor" Lola said.

"Well nothing to worry about now since he seems to be ignoring me" I said, trying to cover up my bitterness.

Lola just rolled her eyes as the waiter brought our desserts.

I went home later that night with a headache to die for, and I didn't expect to find a text message from Jared waiting for me on my phone.

Can we meet tomorrow? At the park maybe?

Uggh. Why did my head have to spin this way!

I texted back,

Sure, see you x

Before collapsing on my bed.

I had a nice dream about me and Jared, but I didn't really remember much of it, getting ready for school in the morning was a pain. I was really tired. But I was looking forward to seeing Jared after school. Thinking about him always gave me butterflies in my stomach.


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