Chapter 1: Pro #1

I'm in a bar. What am I doing here...This was a horrible mistake.

I quickly rush to the bathroom to see if there's an escape window since the front door is blocked. 

No such luck. 

I take a look in the mirror...I look, older, and it helps that I'm tall, no wonder no one's kicked me out yet. 

Sigh. I guess I'll have to go try the entrance door again. 

As my luck would have it, on my way out of the bathroom I run into this guy who spills his drink all over my dress. Great, now I'm going to have to explain why I smell like alcohol. 

"Oh! Sorry about that, let me see if I can help" he says, reaching for a handkerchief in his pocket. 

He looks up and I get a good look at him. I'm almost knocked off my feet. He's gorgeous. Well of course he's gorgeous, I hadn't seen a single bad looking guy in the past hour I'd been trying to 'have fun' in this place.

Our eyes lock for a second, then he shakes his head and tries to wipe the drink off of me. 

"No point, its not gonna come off..." I say.

"I'm terribly sorry. Can I get you anything to drink to make it up to you?"  He was obviously not new to this, unlike myself.

"No its fine, I should probably be getting home, it's too loud in here" I say.  Truthfully, I contemplated accepting the drink offer but in actual reality, if I was being honest to myself, would a guy like him ever talk to a girl like me if we weren't in this kind of environment? No. The answer is no. He was probably intoxicated or just really desperate to get laid or something. There was no way this was really happening.

He moved closer and we were inches apart. We had to talk into each others ears cause it was terribly noisy. His breath on my neck sent chills down my spine... he smelled sweet, like toxic candy. I kept breathing him in more and more and started feeling dizzy. What cologne was that? If I'd been drinking I would have said someone spiked my drink because there was no other way to describe how I was feeling and reacting to this handsome stranger.

I finally snapped out of it. I was about to walk off, then he pulled me back, smiled and said, 

"The least I can do is take you home, just give me your address and I'll drive you home..."

His loop sided grin making my heart melt. Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Well I didn't either, until I met this guy. It's more like lust at first sight, but that's sorta the same thing right?

I just nodded. He had dreamy gray eyes. He could have outwardly said he was taking me to a rape dungeon and I still would have gone with him.

What was happening to me? this was completely out of my character.

"Good." He said, and took my hand, leading me outside. 

His hand felt tingly. The cold fresh air outside made me feel alive, and I shivered a bit. 

"You cold sweetheart?" he asked. 

I nodded again. 

And then he put his jacket over me, it smelt delicious. 

I saw his car and my mouth dropped to the floor. I couldn't decide what was more impressive, the car or the owner. 

I'm not a car person, but that car was something out of the movies. It was sleek, matte black, tinted windows, and looked like it could fly. It reminded me of batmans car for some odd reason. I really liked batmans car.

"Nice car" I said, getting in. 

He just grinned as he started the engine. He looked as if he was in on some secret joke that no one told me.

This was certainly a first for me. Never in a million years had I thought I'd be getting into a car, with a random stranger who could be the devil in disguise.
It was only then that I started thinking about all the other things normal people would have thought of - what if he was a serial killer? What if he lured young girls to his dungeon and made them dress up in medieval clothing while they did his every bidding?

"Can we drive to my place first? I need to get something, I promise I won't take advantage of you" he says, smiling that loop sided smile of his.  Somehow his smile calmed me and all the negative thoughts were immediately gone from my mind. I was hypnotized by his smile.

I nearly laughed. With everything that was not going through my head, I'm not sure he'd be the one taking advantage.

"Yeah sure" I said, smiling. 

"By the way, I'm Jared" he said

"Katie" I said. Jared was a nice name, very fitting for him, he looked like a Jared, even though I'd never met a Jared before.

"K, I guess I'll call you Kate" he said, his eyes on the road. 

I found myself blushing. There was something about his voice that made everything he said sound like a sexual innuendo. Or maybe it was my imagination...probably my imagination.

"Nice house" I said, when we finally reached the tall story building that looked nothing like the dungeon my wild imagination had been creating in my head.

I got out of the car and went into the apartment with him. There was even a freaking chauffeur waiting outside. I was definitely dreaming because no way in hell would a hot guy who just walked out of a Guess catalogue ever invite me to his penthouse.

"Good evening sir, madam" the butler looking guy said at the door, and Jared smiled at him. 

We took an elevator to the top floor and got off there. 

"Can I use your bathroom?" I asked. 

"Sure, help yourself, second door to the left." He said, heading for a desk. 

I checked myself in the mirror. My hair was all over the place. 

I finger combed it till it looked at least a little normal, then I walked out. 

He was still working at the desk so I helped myself a bit, and looked around. 

As the fates would have it, the first door I opened was the bedroom.

Oh boy. Something had definitely shifted in the universe.

His bed looked really soft and comfy. It looked like if you slept on it, you would have a hard time leaving it in the morning. I heard a noise at the door, turned around and saw Jared coming towards me with no shirt on of course.

I was blushing, and I knew he could tell, even though it was dimly lit. The bastard probably removed his shirt on purpose! 

Not that I mind of course.

"How old are you Kate?" he asked casually, leaning against the doorway. 

"19, why?" 

Lies. I'm only 17 and a half! 

"No reason..." he said, smiling and closing the door behind him.

I was glad he couldn't here my inner thoughts.


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