Part 1

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Irene pov;

My dad call me to go to his office to discuss something. I feel rude to left my work because everyone knows that I'm a daughter of a CEO. " Dad I can't just leave work that js so unprofessional of me " I said to him.

My dad answered " it's okay, I've talked to your manager so come here now " he demanded.

I wanted to answer him until my manager appear out of nowhere " your dad just call me you can go to him now it's okay " he say with a smile on his face.

I smile awkwardly at him " really? Is it okay? I'm scared that I'm rude to leave my work like this " I say to him.

He giggle " it's okay it's nothing so just go don't worry. You won't even want to hear your dad nagging right? " He say.

I smile at him and answer my dad phone call " okay I'll be there " and hang up on the call.

" Okay so excuse me " I say while giving a cheeky smile.

My manager pinch my cheeks " stop being cute " he say. I just giggle at him. My manager is also actually my bestfriend. When I apply here I didn't expect he's a manager here. He really keep himself low profile as I do but we eventually get expose in the end. Oh so my bestfriend name is Charlie.

Okay let's focus to where I was going. On my way to my dad's company I've saw his assistant who's always with him stand outside the glass door. He wave at me with his straight face. I just look at him and give him a smile.

I approach him " follow me miss " he say to me while gesturing his hand to ask me to walk infront first. I bow to him slightly and walk into the elevator.

I bump onto someone. My head feel quite hurt a bit because of how hard this man chest is. I look up and stunned by how handsome he is. I stare for a moment and look at other way shyly.

Gosh he's tall. My height are only until his shoulder. His body is muscular. He even have tattoes on his hands. Damn, what is this man?

When I heard him talking to his assistant, I love that honey deep husky voice. God, he's perfect. Even the veins in his arms are popping. His sleeve is rolling and his outfit look smart. Where is this guy even came from? Out from a wattpad?

 Where is this guy even came from? Out from a wattpad?

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(Irene's view)

I stop staring at him because I had a better look at him so I just look infront of me at the elevator door.

We're arrive at my dad's office floor. What more surprising is we go on a same way. Only my dad's office are here why is he here too? Is he meeting my father too?

We both then appear infront of my dad's office door. We both almost bump again because we wanted to enter my dad's office. We both look at each other but his face look intimidating. I just look at him while putting on a terrified smile.

I swear he can even kill me with a smile but I'm alive because Charlie is even more handsome. Wait? What did I just say?

My dad's assistant then knock on the office door and my dad answer from inside " come in ". My dad's assistant open the door revealing my dad is sitting laughing with an unknown middle-age man. They both look at us and my dad say " come in you two come in " he say while waving his hand signaling us to come in.

We both together enter the office room and I sat beside my dad. The hot man sat beside the middle-age man. We both look at each other confuse. I could feel that something is not wrong here. What would happen now?

My dad look at me giving a happy smile on his face while he's patting my back. I smile back at him nervously because this feels suspicious. " Okay we have something to announce to you both " my dad say.

We both were focus to wait for his announcement. The middle-age man look at me smiling too so I smile at him back to not seem rude.

" Okay we're here to discuss to you both that we arrange the both of your marriage " my dad said. Me and the hot man shocked by his speech.

" Dad what?! " We both said while looking at our dad.

" Whoa even them both together answer us " my dad say and laugh. The middle-age man laugh along too.

" What a fate " the middle-age man say while patting into his son's back.

" B-but why dad? I'm not even ready at all and this is unexpected " I say to him.

The middle-age man answer " actually this were our plan right even before you two were born. Me and your dad are practically bestfriend so we both together promise with your mom that we will have our children marry in the future ".

I look at him and look down feeling worried that I had to live as a wife now? I am totally not ready at all with this. I play my fingers feeling nervous, trying to figure out how to stop this from happening.

I wish I could slap myself so hard to tell myself that this is a dream. After spending a time in my dad's office, me and the hot man exit the room.

He look at me with an annoyed face and groaned. He walk away just like that. I could see how mad he is and so do I. How can I be married to someone I didn't love at all.

I just admire his look before but I didn't ask this much. God, why are you doing this to my peaceful life?

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