Chapter One

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Jay flicked her tail as she walked out of the room. A lot had happened in the past few months. Jay spotted Kate and Ellie playing a very competitive game of Checkers. Jay thought it was a bit early when Kim introduced them to the game, as she didn't know how to play it herself, but Kate and Ellie caught on quickly and Jay had even managed to learn a bit. It looked like Kate was winning, as she had four kings and Ellie only had two.
Jay and her friends had gone through quite something a few months ago, when they discovered that the gemstone had actually been an entity, and a lot of craziness had happened. Jay had gotten stuck in the gemstone with Kate, but eventually, her friends managed to get them both out. Eight months had passed since then and everybody was starting to move on. Jay no longer felt attracted to the gemstone on Kim's necklace. She insisted on continuing to wear it, since the gemstone was gone now and it couldn't hurt her. It turned out that Jim had given her the necklace and told her that he'd save up and buy a gemstone to put it in, but Jim had died in Prophecy. Jay felt a twinge of guilt, but reminded herself that she didn't kill Jim. The weights did.
Yeah, and those fell over by themselves, huh?
Jay shook her head, clearing her thoughts. It was over now, she didn't have to worry about that. Jay walked over to Kim. "How're they?" She asked, nodding to Ellie and Kwte.
"Oh, they're a handful." Kim laughed, "But they're bundles of joy and they see each other as sisters. I'm glad! Ellie's always wanted a sister and Kate doesn't mind Ellie's company whenever I have something to do."
"That's wonderful." Jay smiled. "Have you seen Stevie?"
"I think she was raiding the pantry with Jordie again." Kim laughed. "They're lucky we can get food sent over here, or else we'd already be screwed, with them eating all the snacks."
Jay shrugged and let out a small chuckle. "I think I'll go make sure she's alright."
"Thanks." Kim smiled. "I was hoping to check on her but I don't want to leave these two alone."
"Where's everybody else?" Jay asked.
"Goose hasn't come out of him and Aelia's room yet, and Al's still inside, too. Aelia went outside to check on her plants, Adam went out for a jog and Stormy...actually, I'm not sure where she is. She and May." Kim frowned.
"I'm sure we'll find them eventually." Jay hummed, walking over towards the kitchen. Sure enough, Stevie and Jordie were looking through the pantry.
"Oh, hi Jay!" Stevie grinned at Jay. "You're up!"
"Indeed." Jay nodded. "I can see someone's hungry."
Stevie smiled and chuckled sheepishly. "Just a little."
Jordie stuffed a chip into his mouth. "I'm still recovering from the drama, I'm almost certain that the entire ordeal shaved s few years off my life."
"Trust me, you had it easy." Jay grabbed a pack of instant ramen and started making it.
"Good morning!" May sang as she stepped into the kitchen, jumping up onto the counter to gain height.
"Morning." Jay hummed. "Have you seen Stormy? Kim wanted to know where she was."
"Still in her room, I think." May said.
"Alright." Jay nodded.
"So, what are our plans for today?" Stevie asked Jay, blinking.
"I haven't gotten that far yet, but ramen is on the list. Jay hummed, grabbing her bowl of noodles. "I'm very hungry and I don't think chips are going to cut it."
"Of course." Stevie laughed.
"What about violin?" Jay asked.
"Er...No thanks." Stevie didn't like the violin as much as Jay did, but that didn't stop Jay from trying.
"Alright." Jay shrugged. "What else can we do?"
"Let's check on Al, see if his ears have gotten any better." Stevie said.
"Hmm, alright." Jay nodded. "But let me finish my ramen first."
Stevie crossed her arms and faked sternness. "Is the ramen your best friend or am I?"
"Can't I have both?" Jay asked, sitting back. Stevie laughed. "Of course you can, Jay."
Stevie knocked on the door and Jay quietly reminded her that Al wouldn't be able to hear it. Al had been the one to truly destroy the crystal, pouring magma onto it, and while collapsing rocks had stopped the brunt of the explosion, the noise made his eardrums pop and he did have a small chemical burn on his arm that had scarred over.
Jay cracked her knuckles and kicked at the door. Even if Al didn't hear it, he'd definitely feel it.
The door opened. "Alright, who just tried to kick down my door?" Al sighed, shaking his head.
"Her." Jay pointed to Stevie, who looked comically offended. "I did not!"
Jay laughed and Al rose his eyebrows. "Alright, did you guys come here to break down my door or did you need something?"
"We just wanted to know how you are, and if your ears got any better." Stevie hummed.
"Not really." Al crossed his arms. "I'm still just reading lips, at least for now."
"Alright." Stevie nodded. "Well, we just stopped by to say 'Hi'."
"Hi." Jay waved.
"Hi." Al said, raising his eyebrows.
"See you, Al!" Stevie said before turning and dashing off. Al rose his eyebrows and Jay turned and raced after her.
"Where are you going?" She called. Stevie laughed. "To the garden, let's go!"
Shortly after what had happened with the gemstone, Aelia had started a small garden that had slowly gotten bigger until it took ten minutes just to walk form one end to the other. It seemed Aelia was finding a new seed or plant to add to it every day and Jay didn't mind it, since she had mint, meaning Jay could get tea.
Stevie stepped out into the garden and Jay followed, looking around. Beautiful hues of purple, pink, green, and blue covered the ground and a few of the trees.
The pink plants were significantly larger than the others and Jay was pretty sure they had grown since the day before. Huh. Aelia must take care of her garden, then.
Stevie smiled. "It's so peaceful here!"
"It is." Jay agreed. "It's very nice, it's also very nap time."
"Didn't you, what, just wake up?" Stevie asked, chuckling.
"Yes." Jay said. "I was late to wake up, so I don't want to be late for nap time, either."
Stevie let out a playful sigh. "Alright, Jay. See you later."
"See you." Jay smiled and turned, heading back to her room. As she went in and closed the door, getting ready to take a nap, she paused as everything suddenly took on a green tint.
"Hello, Jay!"
"No." Jay rubbed her temples. "No, I'm not doing this again."
"What do you mean?"
Jay turned and pointed at what was essentially the physical representation of the gemstone. "You. You are dead. And an imagination. Go away."
"I am not dead." The gemstone huffed, sounding offended, "Or an imagination, or going away."
"You. Are not. Real." Jay insisted. "Good. Bye."
"I refuse to leave, I am definitely real." The gemstone was nodding sagely.
"You've ruined my life enough." Jay said, rubbing her temples again.
"I did not ruin your life." The gemstone huffed.
Jay scowled. "Go away." She snarled.
"Fine, but I'll be back later." On that note, it disappeared.
Jay sighed and rubbed her temples as she climbed into bed. It was probably just a weird nightmare. Her mind was playing tricks on her. It wasn't real. She sighed and closed her eyes, but it took her a while to actually fall asleep.

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