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The Kiss of a Sorceress [BOOK ONE] by AwkwardFangirl2018
The Kiss of a Sorceress [BOOK ONE]by 🥰❤️Charlotte ❤️🥰
Lilith Amor, the most powerful sorceress to have ever lived was forced to flee her small village of Ellagora with her goddaughter Donnatella Dawn after bandits destroyed...
Not only the Alpha's daughter ✔ by CharleCloete
Not only the Alpha's daughter ✔by Charlé Cloete
Growing up with just a father is a challenge, especially when your a girl. For Zaira it was the opposite way, sure she wanted a mom, but having only a dad was so much fu...
Gods and Demigods read Intertwined Destinies by RubidiumMoon_
Gods and Demigods read Rubi Moon
Cover Source: This is the Gods and Demigods read sequel to Gods and Demigods read Altered Destinies. This...
The Half Blood ✔  by _little_hopes_
The Half Blood ✔ by _little_hopes_
A little bit of the Twilight series and a little bit of the Vampire Diaries. This is a story of a girl. An unusual girl whose existence is banned. Her name is Chantel. S...
The Kingdoms Newspaper Week 2 by WishcIouds
The Kingdoms Newspaper Week 2by Wishclouds
The Kingdoms Newspaper! The Kingdoms is a animal group on Discord. Here is the invite link: More Fun:
Dreams, Destinies and Paradise. by FrankieStein17
Dreams, Destinies and vaidehi
"Families everywhere are caring. Her's is just embarassing." Vivienne Colton is a liar. Albeit, a good one. She told her mother that she had a respectable job...
Un-Clash the Elements by JuliaPadegimas
Un-Clash the Elementsby Julia Padegimas
The four elements were in training to run the world when the Oln-Harr went missing. With the Oln-Harr missing, good and evil lose their balance. Can the elements replace...
Future story Ideas by IronCladx
Future story Ideasby IronCladx
Delve into the mind of PhilipMckenzie as he reveals HIS ideas for books. He wants to know what the world thinks about them before posting and he would like feedback as w...
Secret Fangs || Kim Taehyung  by SlytherinPrincess_05
Secret Fangs || Kim Taehyung by SlytherinPrincess_5
Though humans and vampires have reached a mutual agreement, that doesn't mean that they like each other. Humans have always seen vampires as monsters and killers a...
Once We Meet Again... by GenesisArden21
Once We Meet Genesis Arden
A moving poem about life after death, how some things cannot b separated. How the veil thins and we can touch what we can no longer hold...
Destinies by katilaxx
Destiniesby kat
15 Enhanced sent to Earth with a mission. See if it's survivable. However, some of them aren't what they seem. 4 Destinies sent down with them, posing as Enhanced. What...
The Legend of the Glowing Rain by OkamiTheCat
The Legend of the Glowing Rainby Tate Flores
A legend from long ago, about a rain that fell, with a certain glow, known to cast a spell seven children, chosen to change, a world that shuns them
Dreams Do Come True by JuanchoLimbo
Dreams Do Come Trueby JuanchoLimbo
A brave young boy has dreamed his whole life to become a "Purified Warrior" like his ancestors did a long time ago. But little did he know that he was not skil...
Nine Letters by Mysterious_Destinies
Nine Lettersby Alecia Donna
This is a true story. I fictionalized very little, and used gender neutral pronouns as much as possible to protect their identity. Please don't ask for their personal...
Energy Flow (Book 1 of the Energy Trilogy) by 5701_Emily
Energy Flow (Book 1 of the Emily
Raina Boone. The name of the women gone through so much with know so little about what was going on. Everyone has their secrets including her, but what if she met there...
The Official Destinies Statbook by GreenShadowULTRA
The Official Destinies Statbookby GreenShadowULTRA
A statbook stating the official power levels and abilities of all the characters of Destinies and Whispers of the Abyss.