Chapter 1

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And thats when I woke up.

I sat up quickly, and found myself in my own bed, in my own house in Rosewood. I laid back down and looked up at the ceiling.

That was a dream. That whole happy ending was a dream. I'm still seventeen, and not twenty two. Spencer and Toby aren't married and aren't expecting a child. Ezra and Aria don't have a a young boy together. Hanna and Caleb never went on their honeymoon. Ali and Emily aren't together and probably will never be together . Mona is still dead and never made up with Ali. And Ali, is still in jail.

Instead of that fairy tale ending I dreamed, what really happened was all of them are still missing. I don't know if you heard, but all four of those girls got arrested because they were claimed as accessories for Mona's murder, helping Alison get rid of Mona once and for all. Though none of them were part of it. Alison didn't even kill Mona. But because of that freaking pyscho A, it looks like Ali killed Mona, hands down. Anyways, they were taken by A while on their way to prison. Now, we have no clue where they are. Like said we only know that they have been taken by A.

Last night, they went over to Campbell's farms. By they, I mean the police, Toby, Caleb, Ezra and my parents. They did an investigation over there and I was told to stay here at home, in case anyone or thing were to come forward and give information. But I didn't believe that. The police already have their eyes on me, I'm pretty sure my parents did not want me more involved in this than I already am.

I kicked my feet to the side of my bed, and ran my fingers through my hair. I was pissed, that the dream I had wasn't true. Everything was going swiftly, life was great and not miserable like it is now.

I heard my phone buzz on my nightstand. I reached over and pressed the green button on the screen.

"What?" I ask in a scratchy voice.

"Well good morning to you too." Mike said, laughing a little bit.

I scoffed. "How can you laugh, with what is happening with the girls?"

"Kendall, I'd rather have little happiness then to be drowned in negativity."

I just sat on my bed in silence, not saying a word.

Mike spoke again, "How did you sleep?"

"What do you think?" I started walking downstairs.

"Not that well." He said.

I smiled slightly, but it went away in an instant as I reached the bottom floor, and saw the back door wide open. I looked over at the kitchen counter, and saw one of those huge yellow envelopes sitting there.

"Kendall? Hello? Ken?" I heard Mike say through the phone, but I hung up and went over the counter, staring at the envelope. I already knew who it was from, based on the really weird handwriting. It was A. I sat down and opened the envelope, just to see a flash drive and a note.

Be there. 12 o'clock noon, bring no one. And remember, I'm watching you. -A

I set down the note and looked at the flash drive. I slid my computer over and plugged it in. After waiting a couple of minutes for the damn thing to load, a video popped up.

There were four boxes. Each one, had a different girl. The first one, to the top left, was Hanna, who was banging on the door. I couldn't hear anything, but just from how she looks, I can tell she was banging it with maximum force. The next square to the top right, was Emily, sitting on the bed, focusing on something I couldn't see..or maybe just thinking. Aria was on the bottom left corner, and she sat in a ball, tearing. Lastly Spencer was at the bottom right corner. She was pacing back and forth, brushing her fingers through her hair. She was panicking. I could tell that all she wanted was to get out of there.

I looked at all the girls, and saw their locations. They looked like they were in their own rooms, yet the obviously weren't. I slouched, and just thought of the the terrible things A has done to them.

I looked at the note beside me with the address. And back at the girls on the screen. I pulled out the flash drive, took the note and ran upstairs.

I'm going to meet A, and I will find the girls and get them back to safety, if its the last thing I'll do...

A/N: WOOOO FOURTH BOOOOOK!!!' Guys, I apologize for making you wait longer than expected. I was just crazy busy, but I always wrote when I had free time. THANK U GUYS SM FOR EVERYTHINGG❤️❤️❤️

(btw if you are confused, the last two chapters of the third book was a dream Kendall had, this book is currently in season 6)

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