Chapter 1 - Tomorrow

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Painful. It was so painful, but nothing more painful than the sad faces of his family. There was still so much to do, so much to edit, so much to film, but he simply couldn't.

"Alex," his father got down onto one knee by his bedside. "You don't have to do anything else. You've done so much for so many people... millions of people. And if you want to now, you can rest. But if you want to write one last video, and you're waiting for things to get a little better, then I would say don't wait. I don't think things are going to get any better anymore."

Ah, so this was it. Technoblade looked at his father and made his decision.

"I understand. Thanks, dad. Can I borrow your laptop?"

Struggling to sit, Technoblade looked at the blank word document. It hurts. Everything hurt. However, luckily, there was still a bit of time left, much like how Hypixel challenged him to do weekly updates to keep his [Pig] rank on the server. He had no idea what kind of power enabled him to edit and upload so many videos in such a short span, but he made it with the power of Sun Tzu's strategy.

If he could do it back then, he could do it now.

Honestly, the words made painful sense to his English-educated brain. However, Technoblade couldn't edit or write anymore. In that hour or so, he only managed to put down the bunch of gibberish that couldn't express all the things he wanted to. Seriously, why was life like this?

"Dad, I'm going to leave this all here and take a short nap, ok?" he groaned as he lay down. Another burst of pain ripped from his shoulder at the position he had been sitting in too long. Sleep was always good, even if it messed with his head from time to time. It was easier to retreat from all the worldly distractions and rethink a better strategy. Tomorrow would be another day to battle the loser called cancer.

Little did he know that tomorrow would never come, and his drafts would never be completed.

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