When you save your Guardian Angel.

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AN: OS this is an experimental story for me and i really do hope it goes down well with  everyone,  An idea that blooms in my mind and i think it woudl be fun to share, Please let me knoww hat you all think and leave a review with any crtic : )


 Those blue yes again, this time it was more intense the emotion that filled the crystal blue  eyes, so much emotion so much laying behind them , some one once said eyes are the window to some ones soul. Why did these blue eyes hunted her so, why could he never escape their  gaze, feeling a brush of fathers against her cheek,  soft like gentle kisses.  Feeling a strange sense of belonging as the yes still stared into her soul, with a gasp – it was gone.

Sitting up Cassandra pushed her hair back, another dream. It kept happening more then normal, not that she would complain at all, dreaming of the stranger his blue yes and  soft feathers where a pleasant change to the loneliness that consumed her dreams and filled her with nightmares.

But when Cassie  swag her legs form her warm bed to the cold floor she was still in her apartment, still alone. Only creature that  was there to give the brunette  her company was the fat tabby cat that she had found abandoned years earlier. Jenkins.

Jenkins was  laying on his side on the small living room sofa starched out his  fat tummy standing a bump "Get any fatter and you'll burst." Cassandra said as she stroked her fingers over his soft ginger fur whilst making her way bare foot towards her small kitchen  making herself  a cup of  warm coffee, she could not dare face a day with out the warm liquid in her system.

It would be moments before she would have to go back to reality, but for now she liked dwelling on her soft  dream, Cassandra's jade green eyes  sparkled with curiosity as she sipped her coffee – the recurring dream wasn't giving up on her and she was enjoying it.

"Your late!"  the crude voice  shouted in her direction as the brunette rushed past.

"Only by 20 minutes Mrs Famel" Quickly defended with a  apologetic smile. Cassandra   walked towards the elevator to go up to her floor she gave a sigh  as the doors dined open and the brunette tugged at her black jacket  she was attempting to look as professional as possible today; this wasn't exactly the job she wanted but every one had to start at the bottom somewhere right ?

Working in a small cubical she was a fact checker for the company, who worked withe everything from news articals to advertisements, and nothing could bore you more then making sure they where using the right shade of purple for a description a skirt...

The day seemed   to pass in a hazy rush, with Cassandra  replaying to several emails and looking up the needed facts, sometimes the writers woudl get to lazy and just guess what they thought woudl be correct..

 An headache  threatened to rear its ugly head  just as she checked her voice mails and there was a very friendly one waiting for her. "Cassie its  your mother for heavens sake call me back." She missed family dinner night again and her mom clearly wasn't happy about her lack of appearance... she woudl have to deal with her family sooner or latter not right now she had to finish this stack of paper work get home and drown herself in coffee...


Feathers tickling over her cheek and down  the sensitive skin of her neck." Its you again" Cassie said in a delighted voice. She couldn't see his face, he always hide his  face from her and her she wanted to see him more clearly  but there was always a Vail blocking her sight. He was standing in the light but she could always see his eyes, they priced her soul.

"Are you real?" She asked again but he didn't replay, not that he did not want to it was as if something stopped him form saying the words a vial... "Who are you"   the young woman ask her voice felt like the breezes but he did not answer her.  Cassandra was suppressed by how peaceful she felt when those eyes looked at her,  like he could see every thing clearly her every hope and dream and sooth her soul.

"You must wake up." The strong voice finely says  a voice that sent chills up her spin and her hair stand on end and heat flush over her.

"I don't want to!" Cassandra said when her  chest started to burn a strange thick sensation clouding her vision of him.

"There's no time."  he said again  more firmly he seemed strained, his face almost in few pushing throw the darkening  clouds of her vision."Do as I tell you!" Cassandras eyes  sprung open on that harsh command  and she could smell the smoke!

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