Not just a dream.

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The thick mist twirled and came alive at Cassandra's ankles. She walked smoothly throw the white blanket her eyes searching throw the ever white horizon. She knew this was a dream another dream that would most likely end the same way the others had. Something felt different this time but she just couldn't put her finger on it and the man wasn't here – there were no blue eyes that pierced her soul or feathers to tickle her cheek. "I am being stood up by a dream; this must be a new low, even for me." Cassie muttered to herself moving throw the soft embracing mist.

It felt like hours but could have been seconds before she called into the fog. "Hallo?!" This was silly, this dream was hers she should be able to do whatever she pleased and yet she moved with no real distraction that was until she suddenly paused. Something was here she could feel herself being watched.

"You should not have come." A voice that spoke was soft and yet urgency was evident in it. "It is dangers for us to talk now." He added and as if by her pure will power a figure materialized not far from her.

"This is my dream." She said standing her ground firmly, she wanted to smile sometimes being asleep was better than the waking world. "I think I can do whatever I like here." But something in her mind reminded her that this was more real than a dream; but that was ridicules.

"If it was only a dream I would not ask you to stay away from this realm." He didn't make any sense to her. Cassie had a confused expression on her face for a moment, but the moment soon passed.

"This is my dream, don't order me about." She felt the mist move with the authority in her voice alone. "I want to look at you, show me your face." With confidence she normally wouldn't show Cassandra walked up to the figure seeing him become more solid as she approached him. He was magnificent ...

Cassie stared openly at a face that has long been hidden from her in this dream she always had, pricing blue eyes looked back at her. His face was sculpted like a Greek-god. Strong jawline, sculpted like a statue it was almost perfection. He had most amazing brown almost bronze hair light screens of blond in the longer strands his hair hang to his insanely broad shoulders and he stared at her with that serious expression on his face. "You should not order me around either woman." With a voice of a proud warrior she believed him. Clare smiled she had better imagination in her dreams thens he thought to conjure up a man like him.

Power surged throw her, a sudden need to reach for the male. Feeling like her veins where lighting up from the inside humming. Cassandra reached up her hand towards that angelic face this dream was so surreal and yet she wanted to feel him. "That is not a good idea." He warned but he did not pull away

Cassie's fingers reached up and touched a solid soft cheek, a humming sensation shot throw her harder louder filling her very being with an electric pulse. "This is my dream, I can do whatever I feel like doing." Her voice was softer now a whisper more than anything else. Casandra can't remember the last time she felt such power and control in her life as this moment where she traced her fingers softly over her angel's face... angel she frowned at that thought – yes he did have an angelic feel to him. Maybe all her grandmothers' mutters and whispers of angels and dreams inspired the dreams she had been plunged with. "You saved me, Telling me to wake up just before the flames reached my apartment floor." How stupid was that and yet this figure had told her to wake up – but she could write that off to her brain registering the smoke.

"You must stop now." This time her angel spoke with slightly more authority in his voice, his voice like had a sharp wedge to it and his hade took her wrist drawing her palm from his cheek. "This is not appropriate you have to go, you are putting yourself in danger be coming here at this time others will notice your presence in the realm and you will be exposed woman, do you understand me Cassandra- I cannot protect you if you do not listen to me." There was almost s slight pleading in his tone.

"This is my dream." Her eyes looked to where his hand held her wrist firmly – very firmly but when she tugged he let her go losing the humming contact between their bodies it almost made her slight in protest. "I am not going to let my dream man stand there and argue with me." Cassandra crossed her arms over her chest and watched him her eyes filled with determination.

"I am not your dream man." He pinned her with those blazing blue eyes that seem to be alive with emotion, like a stormed brewed beneath the crystal blue surface. "My Name is Zandriel, This is no dream and you must not come here now, you are being noticed by more than just me." He leaned towards her his large body making Cassandra feel even smaller, her heart was pounding loud enough she swore even this man? Angel? Figment of a single-woman's-imagination – could hear it.

"You have the sight and it is not a gift to be played with, I had hopped it would not come to this discussion." The man sighed in slight frustration. he pulled a hand throw that amazing colored hair.

"Look her Zadar, I am being pushed around at work with men I will not have that happen in my dream as well, your supposed to stand there and look pretty." The flash in his eyes made her regret saying that but she attempted to keep the surge of confidence.

"Look pretty?" He shook his head then pointed those blue eyes at her once again. "This is no dream- and I not made to stand and look 'pretty'" He almost cringed saying the words as if it was embarrassing to hear . "I am Zandriel, a warrior not a play-thigh. Now get out of this realm we have already spent too much time talking." His face was dead serious and slight frowned crease on his forehead.

"Now wait a minute!" Cassandra reached out towards the man again. "Wait what you mean warrior?!" Zandriels body went still his eyes sharping.

"Quiet someone is entering the realm." Male spoke his voice strained.

"You have not answered me..." But before she should continue the sentence Zandriels hand covered her mouth with a heavy palm- okay that felt real !

" I said be silent they are here.... You must go – go now." His voice was a whisper against her ear his body crowning her smaller frame enveloping every sense. "Go Cassandra."

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