Watchful Eyes

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"Everything is going to smell of smoke now." Cassandra said in a helpless tone as she stepped around her apartment, luckily the fire did not speared this far, luckily she didn't stay asleep and suffocate in the thick black smoke, but no wow she had so much laundry to do not to mention calling in sick to work to sort out the mess of an apartment.

Cassandra pulled her hair tightly up into a phony tail as she observed the mess and started to strip her sheets to get rid of the horrible sooty smell. What Cassandra did not realize that she was being observed, but not from near no the pair of piercing blue eyes stood far way yet his gaze sought her out.

The male stood mist around his feet as his mind's eye is focused on the stubborn girl that had almost been caught up in flames it was to close. He knew he interfered too much but that instant he could not let it go he could not take the risk of leaving her alone to sleep.

"Brother you risk too much." A strong yet smooth voice, the blue eyed male did not bother to turn he knew who it was that interrupted him so suddenly. " Zandriel, brother you know your over stepping do you not ?" this tie the voice grew inpatient and finely Zandriels shoulders shag and he allowed the image of Cassandra shaking sheets to drift away into the mist.

"No." Zandriel said as he turned to face his brother, the man was the same size as he was only Andriel had a mane of thick brown hair streaked with soft blond highlights. Zandriel was thankful for his own blond hair witch he kept short and tamed compared to his brother. "You should not check up on me."

"You're meddling in human affairs, and you're doing it more often then what is allowed." His brother's expression grew slightly grim as he kept him under his stair. "I know you feel guilty over the Female, but I know that you watch her to often and if you're not careful the others will notice. Brother listens to me." Gandriel reached out and touched his brother's shoulder forcing his blue eyes to meet his own. "I don't want to see you disciplined. You must back away from the human, what happened in the past ...."

Zandriels hand cut him off with a palm up motion. "Don't speak of the past as if you are the one that had it, that done it." The male's voice had grown cold and edged.

"I hope you know what you're doing brother." His brother's voice was softer now, his expression relaxed as he stepped back dropping his hand and there was a loud flap and Gandriel was gone.


She leaned the phone on her other shoulder, it was time to multitask like only a certain present ow woman could. She highlighted important paragraphs for tomorrows peace that she fixed up for Johan one of the writers the guy had the creative juices most people wished for yet he seemed to focused it at the wrong places and neglects the important details like the correct year he was referring too. "Yes mom." She yawned and Jenkins starched out slowly. He had the right idea; Cassandra thought and gave another "uh hu." To her mother who was telling her all the gossip from their family and reminding her to come over for a visit soon as possible.

Cassandra had the stranger feeling, one that slowly crept up your spin and it was like you were being watched, a soft gaze was on her she could almost feel the heat of eyes on her – which was ridicules she was home... alone her small apartment was closed up tight.

"Cassie are you listening to me?" Her mother's voice went stricken like it did whenever she had forgotten her homework. Chase sighed and took off the small reading glasses – she hated wearing them and blamed her mother for letting her sit to close to the TV growing up from them.

"Yes Mom, I am all ears." She pushed the papers away that was sprawled on her bed and laid back on the bed.

"Like I was saying, Aunt Margret is back on the wagon and you remember her friend's son Mitch, did you know he's single?" Her mother tossed that little nugget of information in there easily.

"Is he now? How good for him." She smiled to herself and switched the phone to her other ear draping an arm over Jenkins. Sleep was slowly over coming her and deep in her mind she hopped that she would see blue eyes in her dreams.


AN: as I write this I smile, I am sitting at an airport stuck here over night it has been one crazy disappointing and frustrating day of delays missing planes and a losing my mind at an airport XD

Yet its inspirational in the mites of my chaos I am here for 10 hours with my mind and my laptop- write I must

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