More then luck

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Cassandra felt groggy she could smell smoke, every cell in her body went on high alert as she jilted upright in her bed knocking Jenkins off his spot by her feet. The fat tabby gave a disapproving moan. Her dream had faded and now she struggled into her night gown in search of the smoke her first instincts told her to check the kitchen but that came up empty the smoke grew thicker and darker throw her small apartment hall – it must be from a neighbor or down the hall.

I need to get out of here, her head was already growing dizzy from the ever growing cloud of smoke, Cassandra rushed back to her bedroom and grasped her handbag and looked to Jenkins he was still wearing an unimpressed expression on his face. "NO time lazy bum." She gasped and grasped him holling the cat into her arms she stumbled for her door and unlocked it.

The smoke was thicker in the hallways making her thought and Jenkins grew stiff in her arms his nails soon bit into her arm in protest. Pulling the neckline of her shift over her nose with her free hand she adjusted the oversize cat and kept going towards the stairs the fire alarm started to ring loudly in her ears making the fat tabby only squirm more in her grasp.

The stairs where a soft gray cloud as she stepped downs lowly getting better air. "Almost there Jenkins." Cassandra soothed and cooed the frightened tabby. Alarms sounded louder to her now and a mess of noise people rushing past her down the stairs knocking the wind from her lungs and causing the cat to dig his nails deeper. "Dam it!" An arm gripped hers.

"This way ma'am." The voice said in his uniform she knew the fire fighters were called in and one was softly pulling her on her arm helping her down another flight of stairs. "Are you okay? Just keep going out is there any children and/or elderly on your floor who need assistance?" The man asked in calm voice.

Cassandra said no and with that he let her go out in search of more people needing a hand, when she reached outside and there were more men there an ambulance waited outside with oxygen tanks that helped any who needed. "Thank heavens of firefighters." She whispered to Jenkins and thought how lucky she was. Cassandra looked up at the building holding her heavy tabby smoke rising up out of the windows- if she didn't wake up when she had....


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