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Yn pov

We came to the Walton's, also known as

Me and Jayla walked into her room and watched some tik tok, till I remembered I need to meet Jaden.

"I'm gonna come back soon" I said as I stood up from her bed.
"Okay, don't take too long for whatever your doing" Jayla chuckled.
"I won't.."

I walked over to Jadens room..
I was nervous for some reason.
I knocked after all.
Soon an answer was heard.

"Come in." He said.

I walked into his room.

"Oh, hey Yn. Glad you came." He said smiling.
"Hey.. you wanted to talk, right?" I asked nervous.
"Yeah, I also wanted to say sorry for what happened with Amilia, she just told me that-"
"I was dating Javon, Marc and Tyler at the same time, yeah I got it. But I didn't, I didn't even 'date' Javon."
"Wait what?" He was confused.
"He just helped me to come over you, or ti make you jealous."
"Well, it worked." He whispered.
"Nothing.. I wanted ti ask if you've made your decision?"
"Ready to tell?"

He was patient.

"I wanna be friends, nothing more.. maybe some day, it'll work out more again." I answered
"Thanks, actually that's what I also wanted, uh.. for now.."
"Mhm." I smiled.

He looked me in my eyes, deeply.
Then he hugged me.
I love this feeling, having him around me, feeling save again.
Feeling loved?

"Wanna watch a movie with everyone?" He asked after some time.
"I'm gonna ask Javon, you go ask Jayla."Jaden said.

I walked into her room.

"Hey, wanna watch a movie with me and Jaden, Javon and Daelo are also coming I guess" I asked her.
"Ofc, you guys okay again?"
"Yeah, just talked about it." I smiled.
"I'm glad"

She hugged me.
Then we walked into the living room. Meeting Javon, Jaden and Daelo.

"What movie are we watching?" Jayla asked.
"FROZEN!!!!!" Javon screamed.
"Tangled!!" Daelo said.
"What about Inside out?" Jaden suggested.
"I'm down" I said.
"Yeah, I'm more for that." Jayla joined my opinion.
"Inside out it is then." Jaden said.

How y'all are sitting:

Javon — Jayla — Yn — Jaden

We all put blankets over us and kinda cuddled up. I was more cuddled up with Jayla, I would love to cuddle with Jaden, but that's toooooooo early for this.

Soon we all started to fall asleep tho.
It was pretty late. I was staying here cause we are going to bora bora in 2 days.

I'm glad I don't need to 'avoid' Jaden In bora bora.

I felt someone was moving, that's why I lightly woke up.


Just as I opened my eyes I saw him, already looking at me, putting his arm around me.
Let me guess, it's Jaylas or Javons work.

"You okay?" Jaden woke me out of my mind
"Yeah, I-I was just laying with Jayla and now I'm with you..." I was confused,
"Is it a problem, if it is I can-"
"I don't r mind Jaden." I smiled, still tired.

He smiled back.
I just love his smile.

"Good night then." He said, hugging me a bit while we were already cuddled up.
"Gods night to you too."

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