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Forever My Princess | Barley Lightfoot x Reader by itsme-star
Forever My Princess | Barley Light...by Star 💫
I knew what I needed to do. Come on Y/N, just say it! "Kiss me." Barley looked shocked, his face red as could be. "W-What?" I placed my finger over h...
Onward by the_introvert422
Onwardby Introverted_Writer
Ian x Female Reader (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color I OWN NOTHING, ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY.
"I'm in love with you I stare into the void I know you'll hear me soon And it will heal the wound" Four years have passed since the discovery of your magic gif...
you know i haven't slept in weeks? you're the only thing i see. "It just sucks," you whispered. "Everything I do now is so secretive. And I can't help but...
ONWARD IMAGINES by spiderneds
now accepting requests for Ian & Barley! no smut requests
enemies to lovers by z0mb1e__
enemies to loversby z0mb1e__
uh yeah.. just... just read it ig its a javon x reader or maybe jaden x reader who knows... you will find out when u read it.. so eh read it!!! (best rangs) #8 wanna #1...
The broken soul by The-Adorkable-Imp
The broken soulby Izzy Sparklberry
Shortly after the incident with the curse of the phoenix gem, the brothers looked into studying more about curses. Magic is slowly being restored into their world bit by...
The Disney Rescuers by CatValentine1203
The Disney Rescuersby Cat Valentine
Two brave Disney characters Isabela Madrigal and Ian Lightfoot set out to rescue a kidnapped orphan girl from Randall Boggs, a monster who plans to use the little girl t...
Onward: Ian Lightfoot x fem! reader by QueenOfChocolateMilk
Onward: Ian Lightfoot x fem! readerby QueenOfChocolateMilk
Y/n has been Ian's best friend since they were both born due to her grandmother being so close to Laurel and her father walked out before she was born and her mother die...
Seeing Dad Once Again // Onward Fanfic by starkton_ix
Seeing Dad Once Again // Onward Fa...by starkton_ix
(Y/N) is Barley and Ian's older sister, and when Ian turns 16 their mom gives them a wizard staff to let them see their dad once again. Will this crazy spell work? MOST...
•Onward scenarios• by xXLovely_HoneyXx
•Onward scenarios•by •Honey_Boiz•
This is a Onward scenario book! Now I'm not good at writing but I'll try my best! Requests are closed 💙 [ON HOLD]
Onward Oneshots/Imagines (occasional 16+!!) by tadahoni
Onward Oneshots/Imagines (occasion...by soph
Oneshots and Imagines! Comment if you have a request! I will allow: 🖤Barley x Reader 💙Ian x Reader 💜Laurel x Reader 🧡Laurel x Manticore 🤎Laurel x Bronco ❤️Any other...
Jaden Walton | soulmates by onwardjaden
Jaden Walton | soulmatesby J.W
jaden walton x female reader no smut because he's a minor! Completed!!
𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧 𝙙𝙚 𝙢𝙞 𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙖 by heartsforashtray
𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧 𝙙𝙚 𝙢𝙞 𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙖by 🫶🏼
xiomara and Ashtray meet through xiomara's bestfriend rue. They begin to start hanging out more after him being very cold to her, and develop feelings.
The boy next door  \\ javon Walton  by Madison600763
The boy next door \\ javon Walton by Maddiescool498
Two young actors meet and they both are next door neighbors what's the worst that can happen. Started:March 13 2022 Finished: June 22 2022 I do not own any of the chara...
Championship by I_need_a_1ife
Championshipby I_need_a_1ife
Same school, one plays baseball, one plays softball, what happens when the teams go on a trip? Drama? Love? Making friends? Making enemies? Making memories? Who knows
(16+!!) Ian Lightfoot x Reader- A Shot in the Dark (Onward) by tadahoni
(16+!!) Ian Lightfoot x Reader- A...by soph
You're the most gorgeous girl in school, especially to Ian Lightfoot, whose mission-er-quest to win over your love has turned into an actual, mythical quest to save the...
Jealousy | Jaden Walton by Walt0nstory
Jealousy | Jaden Waltonby Waltons<3
Jealous? (I also changed the cover for anyone getting confused)
Tom Holland/Peter Parker Sickfics by PassThe5SaucePlz
Tom Holland/Peter Parker Sickficsby 5Sauce Yellow
Sickfics about our favourite British boy and crime fighting Spider x
My comfort //Jaden Walton x y/n by Trin3tteN
My comfort //Jaden Walton x y/nby Trin.n_:)
NEVER HAVE OR WILL SEXUALISE, No smut, remember jaden, javon, daelo and jayla are minors (to the creeps) get that in your THICK SKULL!!