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Yn pov:

I said I'm gonna kill Amilia.

So I mean it.

I did....
Will I do it..
Me? No...


Perfect, school, today, first period, with Amilia,

PLUS ... no one,


Can stop me.

Am I being crazy over a boy,


Well, killing Amilia is just my last opinion,

Today is my maximum bringing her to the hospital.

I mean I don't Wanna go to jail.

It's because of her,

She ruined my life,

She was probably telling lies about me to Jaden.

She told me she had a crush,

But not who.

School starts

I was sitting next to Amilia, all smily,

I still can't believe why she would do this shit..

"Hey!!" I said.

"Hey?" She asked with a bitch face.

Your getting in my nerves.

"What's wrong?" I asked innocently.

"What's wrong with you?" She said again with a bitchy attitude.

Okay your done, your done!!!

"You are my problem." I said breaking my temper.

" well YOU are MY problem!" She said.

"Nice to know!"

That when I lost it.

I punched her into her face.
She deserved it anyways.
She seemed off, after she found out about me and Jaden.

She tried to attack me but, bro how about even try to train or stuff like that?

She eventually slapped me.
It was soft like a feather falling on my face.

Then I go, I slapped, punched, kicked and thrower her.

The teacher decided to care at the end and took us apart, I could easily go on.

And I will..

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