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Soon School ends and that means..


The cool thing is, the Walton's has invited me, to go to Bora-Bora.
Am I excised? YESS!!

There's just 1 week of school anyways, so I'm mostly just gonna chill.
Can something bad happen?
I don't think so...

I decided to go to school alone because I just wanted to.

Jaden still texted me, to be sure I didn't wanna go with them.
Even on the way to school he texted me every second.

That's cute.

He texted me that he's waiting for me In front of the school.

as I arrived, he really was standing there waiting for me.

We hugged and walked to our lockers.
My locker was next to Jayla.

Me and Amilia ( your old friend ) get along pretty well.
Her locker is next to Jadens.

We girls wanted to hang out today.
Like going shopping for the vacation.

Amilia isn't going with us to bora- bora,
But she's going to Italy.

All classes were bored as always,
Last week means really just to chill.
We all just messed around and laughed a lot.

Even our teachers were chilling with us.
That's awkward.
I mean no lessons,
They also need a break I guess...

As school ended, Amilia came to me..
Saying what she really wants to do before vacation.

She has LOTS of plans.
We are never gonna make it till then.

We went shopping at 6 pm.
Before we just went live and talked to each other.

Also about our crushes...

Amilia has a crush on...


"You know he's a fuckboy, right?!" Jayla said.
"Amilia.. he's only gonna hurt you.."
"Well, I know, but he's so good looking.."
"For you.." me and Jayla said at the same time.
"Anyways.. What about you? Who's your crush?"
Amilia asked.
"I don't even have one, everyone is ugly, and not my type." Jayla confessed.
"Yn?" Jayla said
"I.. well.." I said nervously.
"Spill it.."
"Don't kill me Jayla.."
"You like my bother... being more specific.."she started.
"JADEN!!" Jayla and Amilia shouted.
"Wait what!?"
"What?" Amilia asked.
"How'd you know?"
"It's obvious for us.. I don't know if he's this smart to find it out." Jayla said.
"So you do?"Jayla asked.
"Yeah, dummy." I answered

After they we went shopping..

The day was great.
Soon we all went back home,
Still we plans our new day.



I'm sorry for not updating,
School started again and I barely have time.

Still I try to update sometimes.

Like on week ends.

Hope you have a great day.

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