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-Yn pov-

The date was tomorrow..
At 5 pm.
We already had a 'date' or call it whatever you want.

I called him.


"Hey, something's wrong ?"

"Hey, no I just wanted to ask if I need to dress pretty or like that."

"I mean I would be better, I'm gonna take you somewhere nice, so you better dress nice"

"Thanks then"

"Sure! Wann a hang out if you have time.?."

" I already made plans with Jayla..
but tomorrow I'm all tapirs I promise.."

" Can we hang out even before the date?"


"Bye then!"

"Bye bye, see ya tomorrow!"

I hung up.

Me and Jayla did everything we planned.

We went shopping..
Stalked some people...
Talked about people we love..
And people we hate ofc.
We went live.. 4 times a day..

We were outside till it was dark so we did a pic.
We both posted the same one.


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onwardwanna: you never hang out with me☹️
^time is gonna come😉!

jaylawaltonofficial: we look so hot!!
^we do!
^onwardjdub: you mean Yn does.
^jaylawaltonofficial: JADEN!? EXPLAIN RN!!

onwardjdub: cute😙
^jaylawaltonofficial: 🙂

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It was funny, to hang out with Jayla again.
I love her!!

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