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His game is today.
I'm kinda happy to see him.

I get dressed, into something comfortable.
I walked over to to Walton's, cause that's the plan we made with Jaden.

I knocked at the door, being greeted by Daelo.

"Hello buddy!" I said hugging him.
"YN!! I MISSED YOU!!!" He gave me a big hug.
"Awh, I missed you too!"
"If your here for Jaden, he's in his room."
"Thanks, lil man!"
" your welcome!"

I knocked on his door.
"Go away!!" He screamed.
"K then I'm going back home." I said.. starting to walk away.

I heard steps getting louder, till a door flew open, reviling a smiling Jaden.

"I'm sorry, but please tell me your still going to my game!" He begged.
"I will, don't worry."
"I just thought your Javon, he's been annoying today."
"HEY I CAN HEAR YOU!!" Javon screamed out of his room.

I chuckled.
Jaden did too.

"Are you coming in now or not." He asked me after some seconds.

I did.
Immediately his smell filled the air.

"Is it okay if I'm gonna take a shower? You can get comfortable on my bed, or whatever you want." He told me.
"Okay, thanks"

Soon he came out..
just how lower part covert with a towel.
Shoving his abs.

One word: HOT!!

"Just take a pic, will last longer.." he said breaking me from staring at him..
"Why tho.. I have it right in front of me" I said winking at him.

And he BLUSHED ?!?
Yeah, he did.

"Stop blushing and get ready, I won't wait long" I said.
"I'm not blushing!" He defended himself.
"Oh you totally are!" Jayla joined out of nowhere.
"JAYLA!!" I screamed, after I kissed her cheek.
"YN!" she also screamed and kissed my cheek.

"MY GOD, CAN YOU LEAVE PLEASE!?" Jaden screamed.
"WHY ARE WE SCREAMING!?" Javon joined.

Making me and Jayla laugh.
Jaden just felt uncomfortable, staying there just in a towel, so we went into the bathroom and changed into his clothes.

Soon it was time to leave and bei to the game.
I sat next to Kaden and Daelo, well Javon, Daelo was on his lap. Jayla next to Javon.
DJ driving and Jessica at the passenger seat.

As we got there Jaden ran out and went to the cabins to change.

Right before the game started, he came to me and hugged me, I wished him good luck and kissed him on the cheek.

' time skip after game'

Jadens team won ofc, so we went for a celebration.
Actually just going to a restaurant,
Is was nice tho.

Only one thing was bad, Tyler and mArc were there too.

Tyler is also in Jadens team so he was invited in any way.
Marc was his friend so he invited him.

Tyler always tried to flirt or get any near to me,
I easily didn't show any interest.

I was just talking to Jaden,Javon, Jayla and playing Roblox with Daelo.

I mean really, after everything they did or tried?
They think I wanna be their friend?!

I was staying at the Walton's today.
Me and Jaden just talked for a bit, till I saw his hands...

There were cuts, before we went back home, he wanted to go to the toilet, before he was getting there I haven't seen anything.

"Can you show me your hands..?" I asked softly.
"Why..?" He also said softly, but hiding his hands...
"Jaden..." I said softly grabbing his head turning him to face me.
"But I saw the cuts already..."
"What are you talking about...?"
"don't play dumb..."
"Okay.." he gave in after some time.

I grabbed his hands and there I saw them.

"How did you get them.."
"I hit my hand while playing Baseball..."
"Don't belive you...
"I-I got into a fight.."
"Because, he was talking bad about you.."
"But we need to clean them up..."
"And never do that again.. I could've handle it myself.." I added.

I cleaned his cuts and soon, we drifted of to sleep..
It was peaceful.

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