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-Jaden pov-

( it's like 2 weeks after)
( it's Friday ).

Today is the day I try to make the first moves.
Even tho I already won.
I'm trying to get much closer with her.

I'm gonna ask her if she wants to hang out today..
just us two, kinda like a date.
Wow I'm moving  fast tho.
Still, I'm sticking to my plan.

School ended.
My move.

"Hey Yn!" I said
"Hey Jaden!" She said back.
"Wanna hang out today?"
"But... just.. is two.. if  it's  okay?"
"Uhm, are you nervous?"
"No... maybe..."
"Well it's okay tho."
"Really!?" I asked not believing what she said.
"Yeah... shouldn't it be okay?"
"Oh, no, yes it's great, so at 2 pm?"
"Goes by me, should I co-.."
"I'm gonna pick you up."
"So it's like a date..?"
"If you want it to be.."
"I don't know." She answered,
Wow, I am moving too fast.
"So 2pm at my house?"
"Can I dress baggy or more 'pretty'?"
"Just wear what your comfortable with."
"Okay." See you then.

It's 11:30 am rn.
So 2 hours and 30 minutes are left.
A lot for me.
Not that much for her I guess.

-Yn pov-

Jaden asked me out today..

What wrong with him.
I mean yeah, you can say we are ' friends' but why so fast?

I still got like 2 hours and 30 minutes left.
I can chill a bit.
I'm gonna go baggy but pretty.
I'm glad he said I can come however I want.

I don't need much time for getting ready.
So I can chill till 13:30.
30 mins are enough.

I'm kinda excited tho.
Where is he even talking me?

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