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School, also known as hell.
It was time for me to wake up.
I get ready and texted Jayla, to pick me up.


Hey you got time to pick me up for school?


Thanks bae!!😘

Your welcome babe!😍
At 7.30?

See ya❤️

See ya❤️❤️

*end text conversation*

I waited for Jayla to arrive.
Oh talking of her, there she is.

"Hey babe!!" She screamed and run at me hugging me.
"Hey bae!!" I hugged her back.
"Ready for school?"

It's kinda sad cause Jayla is older than me and we dir have any classes together,
At least I have Javon,
Yep I don't really like Jaden.
For whatever reason, I just don't.

We arrived at school and we headed tk our lockers, they were next to eachother.
Then Tyler, a friend of Jaden needed to set a disgusting comment.
"Yo Yn nice ass!"

The fuck

"Mind your one business!" Jayla defended me.
"Thanks jay!"
"No problem babe!"

"Ooh want to be called like this!" Marc then said.
"I would rather sie than call you anything like this, ewe don't even want to pronounce your name." I answered.
"Ooh she can talk." Tyler added
"No,you deff?"
"Wow!" Marc added.

Soon the started.
That means, school started.
I sat next to Javon because we almost have all the lessons together.
Thankful for this.

Art was the first lesson.
I kinda like art, it's chill.
You just draw something that's on your mind or what the task says.

Maths the second lesson.
I don't like maths but somehow I'm good at it, that's the only thing I like.

English is the third and last lesson we have today.
The lesson I don't have with Javon...
But Jaden.

Being honest, he's still better then his friends.
I'm kinda popular at school,
He's known as " THE HOTTEST".
I don't know what people see in him.

He's... not my type... I guess.

School ended and I'm still alive after English with Jaden.

I walked out of school and saw Jayla already wiring for me.
I always go at her house after school so she needs to pick up Jaden and Javon too.

The good thing is I'm sitting at the front with her.
Jayla and Javon know, me and Jaden are not the closest friends.
Jayla asked me several times why I don't like him.
That's actually a good question tho.

We Hang out for a time and soon it was time for me to go home.

I did my skincare aka washed my face with water and change into my pj.

After some time I fall asleep.

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