Sneak Peek

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Sneak peek until March 18, 2022:

The locker room door swings open and I lift my head to see Brad walk in like he owns the place, his head held high, posture strong and presence demanding.  "Delilah," he acknowledges me, the tiniest, cockiest smirk on his face.

He shrugs off his white coat, neatly hanging it up in his locker before reaching his arms back and grabbing the collar of his scrub top. He peels off the light blue fabric, revealing his muscular back and shoulders. I observe all the dips and lines, the muscles shifting beneath his tan, healthy skin with his movements as he rummages through his locker. I secretly admire them and find myself wanting to sink my teeth into the bulky flesh.

What the hell, Delilah? I scold myself, shaking my head. You're not a damn carnivore!

God, I need sleep.

Brad turns around and I quickly advert my eyes from his naked chest. "How was your first day?" he asks, a knowing smirk on his face.

"Just peachy," I mumble, trying my best to ignore him as he strips off his scrub pants, but my tired eyes betray me, sneaking a quick peek of the black boxers hugging his trim waist and thick, muscular thighs.

He chuckles, pulling on his black jeans from this morning and fastening his belt.

Oh, Delilah. lol

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