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Stiles always wanted to be recognised. Make the world know his name. He likes to think he's a people person. Easygoing and approachable. And that is true.

In all honesty he always thought he would be in law enforcement. A police officer or maybe even an FBI agent.

Becoming an actor? Never. But here he is, in front of cameras and flashing lights.

~12 years ago~

It's after graduation and all of the pack have gotten their diplomas, except Liam, Mason and Corey of course.

They are all at the loft having fun. They're all talking about what they want to do now that they've graduated. Then it gets to stiles...

"So, stiles what do you wanna do now? Are you going to stay in Beacon Hills?" Lydia asks.

Stiles looks at the pack, hesitant to say what he wants to say, "Uhm, no. I'm going to leave with my dad. He doesn't want to deal with all the supernatural so I'm going with him to L.A."

The pack looks at him, not expecting him to go.

"So, what are you going to do?

"To be honest, I don't know. All I know is I'm gonna be rich and famous." Stiles joked.

"Ha, yeah right stilinski." Jackson said.

"Hey Jackson, shut up."

"Well I better get going." Scott says.

"Yeah me too." Stiles agrees.

The rest of the pack go and say bye to Derek.

Stiles and Scott are walking home when the wolf says, "So you're really leaving?"

"Yeah. My dad doesn't want me being apart of the supernatural business or me getting hurt. So he's taking me to L.A. My mum had place there that I, apparently, visited when I was younger. Don't remember though."

"When are you leaving?" Scott asks sadly.

"Next week."

"Damn. That soon."

"Yeah. But I wanna go."

"What? Why?" Scott's asks hurt.

"Because I'm human and my dad is right. I could get hurt or worse."

Scott sighs, "I guess you're right."

Then they part ways and go to their homes.

Stiles enters his house and goes straight upstairs. His dad is at work already.

He starts packing because he knows if he doesn't do it now he won't do it later.

He mentally checks off every thing important he needs.

Flannels? Check.
Spare toothbrush? Check.
Toothpaste? Check.
Shoes? Check.
Clothes? Check
Pillow? Check.

He's finishes packing when there's on a knock on his door.

"Hey kid." His dad says as he enters the room.

"Hey." He replies.

"So, we are going sooner than later." Noah says hesitantly.

"What? Why?" Stiles wants to spend as much time as possible to stay with his friends.

"It's cheaper if we go earlier, and we need as much money as we need if we are going to L.A."  Noah reasons.

Stiles sighs, "Okay. I should probably tell Scott."

"Okay," The sheriff says.

He looks down at Stiles' bed and sees his suitcases, "You've packed already?" 

"Oh yeah. I know if I don't do it now I'll do it last minute and we don't want that."

"Heh right. You got your pillow?" He asks.

"Of course."

"Okay." With that he leaves his sons room.

The young boy gets his phone out tjr tell Scott he's moving in less than next week.

Big bad Wolf

Stiles: hey scott I have some news...
Scott: Okay??
Stiles: turns out we are moving sooner than next week.
Scott: WHY????!
Stiles: my dad says it's cheaper if we go sooner and we are going to LA and its expensive... sorry dude
Scott: it's alright. When r u leaving??
Stiles: in like 5 days
Scott: sad.
Stiles: ye. Well I gotta go. C u later wolfie
Scott: bye and don't call me that :/

After that he went downstairs to get something to eat. He made some noodles. As he was eating he was thinking what LA would be like.

What am I gonna go there? I wonder if I'm gonna meet any celebrities. That would be nice. Wonder what the house is gonna look like. What job will my dad have to make money. He thought all these things all while making and eating his food.

He was excited to move. Not having to deal with werewolves or chimeras. Not fearing for his life. But he is going to miss the adventure and adrenaline. And especially his friends.

He won't miss jackson though. Or Theo. He doesn't even know why Theo or Jackson is in the pack. After what Theo did to the pack. To him. The manipulation, trying to break the pack up.

Sometimes Scott can be too trusting. Stiles thought.

He puts his dishes away and goes back upstairs. He changes and gets into some comfy clothes.
   He puts on some grey sweatpants on and a thin black t-shirt.

He then goes to bed. He is actually excited about was lies ahead in his future.

If only he knows how happy he's going to be.

A/N: FIRST CHAPTER DONE!!! sorry it took so long. I had writers block and I was sad bc I'm on s14 of Criminal Minds and I have school. But anyways hope u enjoyed. Pls correct me on mistakes.

I didn't put a cast out because I don't what other characters there are going to be other than the pack and their parents.


What movie should the pack watch when they find out abt Dylan/stiles??

Should Dylan have a love interest?

If so who?
Thomas Brodie sangster...
Kaya Scodelario...
Shiva Negar... (plays Annika in AA)
Charlotte Vega... (plays Katrina in AA)
Jessica Henwick... (plays amiee in L&M)
Tiya Sircar (plays Neha in the internship)
Hailey Steinfield
Any more he should be with??

When Dylan comes back should there be problems?? (I might not do this bc I'm lazy (((: )

What questions should the pack ask when Dylan comes back?

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