1 (Shadows at dawn)

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"Fear, a shadow, fades in the presence of understanding. Confront it with courage, and its ominous silhouette melds into the indomitable strength of the human spirit."


The once calm street was now jammed with people and broadcasters trying to get a better study and view of the scene, The street came to an abrupt standstill In the morning, as the gentle rays of the sun bathed the quiet, calm street, the ordinary tranquility of dawn shattered. The discovery of a lifeless body cast an eerie pallor over the awakening neighborhood. as residents, still clad in the soft hues of sleep, found themselves confronted with an unexpected and unsettling tableau that unfolded beneath the daylight, transforming the typically peaceful atmosphere into a hushed and contemplative backdrop, where the gentle morning breeze carried whispers of shock and speculation among the gathered onlookers, each face etched with a mixture of disbelief and curiosity as they peered over the yellow barricade tapes, the serene backdrop of the early hours marred by the unsettling presence of law enforcement, their flashing lights casting intermittent shadows on the pavement, while the once-quiet street grappled with the intrusion of an unforeseen tragedy into the delicate tapestry of its dawn. Police officers were stationed to holding everyone back, ignoring the media attempting to gather information from them.

In the midst of the unsettling scene, a black SBI van pulled up, instantly capturing everyone's attention. Two men stepped out, their gaze sweeping the area before presenting their ID cards to the cops, they were immediately excused­. 

"Sheriff Gerald Turner"

Sheriff Gerald was already squatted next to the body staring at it inspecting the situation, Turning around, he noticed the two men in black suits. Furrowing his brows, he walked towards them. he turned around noticing the two men standing in their black suits, he furrowed his brows walking towards them.

"I'm Detective Ramesh, this is Detective Olsen" he referred to the man beside him

"Oh you must be from the SBI" he stuck out his hand shaking them.

"Yes sheriff, we are here ordered to take the body, this is a serious crime we'd need to take matters into our own hands"

"Woah woah I wasn't told about that one. why would the SBI take over when this isn't a state crime, you should also acknowledge that this is my town, I have to be a part of this investigation" he said putting his hands on his waist

"Sir, do no fight or argue with the higher authorities, we're just following orders " the younger and tall man said in an uninterested tone adjusting his shades. "the documents has been sent to your office"

"I'll have to make a call then"  Gerald swiftly retrieved his phone, scowling as he dialed the station. Stepping aside to gather more information, his expression deepened into a frown upon learning that the case involved an interstate murder. he realized the man was right but he still felt uneasy considering the fact it was his town and should be allowed to be involved in the investigation. He was not getting the message, he felt something wasn't right.

The older detective patted him on the shoulder, sounding a warning. 'I advise you, Sheriff, stay out of this case." he carried on to his van.

Gerald rounded up his men and explained everything to them, he waited till everywhere was deserted then took a once over in the area, his eyes caught sight of a paper on the floor exactly where the body was, he went over to it picking it up.
Shaun Jamieson  was written in red ink, It seemed to be a clue.
He made up his mind then, there was no way he was staying out of the case, he put the note in his pocket, entering his car he was so confused, he knew he couldn't do it alone, he brought out his phone calling the only person he knew was abled enough to support him.

"Hey, let's talk..."


Jolting open the fridge, Reyna poured milk into a bowl. A sigh escaped her lips as she heard her mom call out to her. "So much for staying in today." 

She walked over to her mum whose eyes were scanning through a newspaper with her coffee mug on the dining.

"What is it about mum, aren't you on duty at the clinic today?"

"Have you seen this" her mum ignored what she said, looked agitated as she handed the paper over to her to take a look at.

The paper had a photo of a girl whose dead body was founded by a passerby on aspen avenue at about the time 8:30am. Reyna couldn't look at it anymore, she was shocked.

"What's wrong darling?, Do you know her?" Her mum was concerned noticing the look on Reyna's face

"No, no I'm fine, I just need a moment"

she walked out the dining room trying not to seem alarmed to her mother as she left going up the stairs to her room shutting the door, she rushed over to her desk picking up a garnet colored mail, A chill crept down her spine as she unfolded the mysterious, creepy anonymous letter, its unsettling familiar contents leaving her with a profound sense of unease and an inexplicable shiver as her eyes scanned over it, she couldn't believe it.

About two days ago, she received an unnamed mail addressed to her. it had the same location, time and day as the article of the girl's body being found written in the contents of the letter. It was signed under anonymous.

When she received it, she thought it was some sort of prank or a wrong sent, she wasn't one to love attention in school or be known in the town, she wasn't a part of the popular girls neither was she a nerd, she made sure she was hidden as though she didn't exist even though it was a town where everyone knew each other.so why would such a psych letter be sent to her. for a moment, she felt like she was being watched. She shook her head trying to shake off the feeling. She knew that there was no way this letter was meant for her, it must have been a mistake besides she had no idea who the girl was although the article literally wrote down that they attended the same high school but the girl was a senior.

"Just a mistake" she concluded, keeping the mail back in her dresser.

"Definitely a wrong sent"

Unaware of the watchful eyes in the shadows waiting to rewrite the narrative of their seemingly peaceful lives, the town lay oblivious with a storm brewing.


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