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do hope y'all read and imagine yourselves in the positions of others, that would let you get a feel and enjoy the book.


The pungent odor of the expansive, dimly lit room hung heavily in the air, akin to the stench of a sewage system gone awry. The broken ceiling allowed sporadic droplets of rain to permeate the space, creating a dissonant melody against the decrepit surroundings. Despite the locked windows and inadequate ventilation, the room pulsated with an oppressive heat, making every breath feel stifling and oppressive.

The girl, nestled on the cold, hard floor, stirred as her eyelids fluttered open. A sudden jolt of awareness surged through her as she sat up, surveying her unfamiliar surroundings. The creak of a door lock unlocking seized her attention, prompting her to scurry into a shadowed corner. Desperation etched across her face, she pressed her hands to her lips, stifling her breath.

Drops of rain echoed like a melancholic lullaby as the footsteps approached. A wave of terror gripped her as the sound ceased, leaving only the rhythmic cadence of her quickened heartbeat resonating in the stifling air. "Anna?" The voice, laced with mockery, pierced through the ominous silence, leaving her bewildered.

"You can't hide, you can't run, you do know that, right?" The voice taunted her as footsteps resumed, each one calculated and weighted. Panic surged within her, amplifying the thudding of her heart. His shadow loomed larger, drawing closer, rendering her cornered and helpless.

Confusion etched her features as her name echoed in the air. "Who are you?" she stammered, tears threatening to escape her wide eyes.

"You can't run from me, Anna." His tone dripped with malevolence. As the ominous figure advanced, she scanned her surroundings for a means of defense. Hope flickered as her gaze landed on a shard of broken glass just a few feet away.

With a momentary pause, she closed her eyes, weighing the risk of exposing her hiding spot against the need for protection. Resolute, she snatched the glass and crawled toward it, determined to defend herself. But a forceful hand seized her legs, dragging her backward, setting off a desperate struggle.

He turned her around, revealing a gleaming knife in his grasp. Undeterred, she clutched the glass, ready to fend off the impending threat. The struggle intensified, but he overpowered her, lifting her by the neck, the cold blade threateningly close.

"Drop the glass, Anna," he hissed, sending shivers down her spine. Ignoring the command, she attempted to stab him, only to have her wrist squeezed, causing a painful cut.

His smirk widened at her defiance. "Drop it," he commanded as she winced, the cut stinging in her palms. Defeated, she let the glass fall, her spirit wavering.

"Who are you? What do you want?" she whispered, tears streaming down her face.

He chuckled, pushing her back to the cold floor. "Who am I? Never thought you'd see me like this, did you, Anna?" His words sent shivers down her spine, and confusion clouded her eyes.

Pressed against the wall, she moved backward, his predatory advance closing in. "Who are you?" she pleaded, her voice shaky.

Crouching dangerously close, he tilted his head, locking eyes with her. "Do you remember that sheet and the clothes on it?" A sinister satisfaction danced in his gaze, she turned her attention to the direction his eyes showed, she noticed the bundle in the corner and her hazel eyes widened in recognition.

"But... But..."

"Exactly," he interjected, bringing a hand down to plunge the knife into her chest. The world blurred as her pupils dilated, pain radiating from the cruel wound.

"I see you haven't lost your touch, Anna," he sneered, withdrawing the knife slowly. Her breath caught, the pain searing through her chest.

"Who are you?" she gasped, her voice strained.

He leaned in, his cold breath grazing her ear. "I'm the ghost from your past, Anna. The one you thought you left behind." The anticipation hung in the air as he reveled in her confusion, savoring the fear he had instilled in her.

The room seemed to constrict around them, every heartbeat echoing in the suffocating stillness. She struggled to comprehend the enigma before her, the weight of his words settling like a heavy shroud. "What do you want?" she managed to choke out, desperation lining her voice.

He chuckled, a haunting sound that reverberated through the room. "Revenge, Anna. Sweet, long-awaited revenge." His eyes gleamed with a malevolent satisfaction as the gravity of his intentions unfolded, leaving her teetering on the precipice of an abyss.


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